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Mobile App is terrible
The mobile app has issues with saving Customer Signatures. What can be more important than that! The only indication is that the signature button disappears. Only to find out later that the signature is missing from the system. According to Tigerpaw, there is nothing wrong with their software. I strongly disagree.
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Agree - Don't Waste Your Money!
The technical support would be a complete joke, except we are not laughing. If the issue is not an easy one, they tell you it will be escalated and someone will call you back. No one will call you back. Every time we call them, they say the person is not there or out too lunch. Like there is only one person there that does escalations, and that person is never there. Oh and by the way, you get to hear this excuse after sitting in their queue for at least 30 minutes. There is no exaggeration here. We have raised the flag to everybody possible at that company and still we hear nothing.
I could go into issues with the application itself, but the others have covered it well enough. The lack of technical support is already enough to get the one star and just another reason to not do business with this company. I can only hope this review helps in your research for a better CRM application.
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10,000 in the trash - We Got Taken!
Were were told everything would work and could fully support our service company. After 3 years and over 10,000.00 spent on a product that never worked we gave up. We are a pretty trusting company and we hoped Tigerpaw Software and James Foxall would do the right thing but we were wrong. We never used the product because of all the bugs and work arounds we would have to do to get it to work. We were promised that they were going to rewrite the service area but they never did after 3 years. I was holding out on giving them a bad review but now I just have no choice but to warn people. We never got our money back as they kept repeating that an update was coming. They seem like nice people, but they are not as they just took our money and lied about the capabilities of there product.
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Abandoning ship. - Don't waste the money.
After a few years of trying to make Tigerpaw fit our business (We are a pretty vanilla IT MSP), we have finally abandoned it and have successfully migrated to one of the other "Big 3". - It was a "Wise" decision...

Tigerpaw is a fairly clunky, non-intuitive, half developed package. Some examples, there are setup menus for certain items, but a link to the master tables in the database for setting everything else up. Which Items you can setup via a module, and which require editing of the master database tables seem fairly random.

When you are committed to a task in Tigerpaw and realize part way through that you need to add or change something, typically you have to browse all the way out of what you were working in and navigate through several levels to get to what needs to be changed before returning to your original activity. The whole experience adds up to be clunky and time consuming. The order of operations is very rigid to the point where you end up only half utilizing the product as it is just too time consuming to deploy it fully. It is not a flexible product.

Other baffling items - If you are attempting to view the financial setup for a company - there are no obvious menus or setup tables to view. Eventually you will discover a tiny icon that, upon closer inspection after a call to support, is supposed to be a banker's lamp. There is your financial setup for that company. Overall it has a very poor design from the human interface side.

And the bugs. Get used to working around software bugs and waiting months for fixes.

All of our users are extremely happy with the change. Comments like "SO much better than Tigerpaw" and "Thank god we are done with Tigerpaw" are frequent.

We spent an awful lot of cash to learn this lesson. If you are considering Tigerpaw - stop.

As an aside. Several of the staff we used to deal with at Tigerpaw are now employees of the company we moved to.. I guess we aren't the only ones abandoning ship with Tigerpaw.
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Don't Spend The Money
We invested thousands - bad support - sales staff are helpful and follow-thru well - but support has issues - and the product has proven unstable for us. It works for awhile - then just starts falling apart. 5 separate installations. I finally threw in the towel. It is awful
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DO NOT BUY...the worst product ever created.
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This software offers no support in setting it up unless you attend one of their conferences and pay a few thousand more dollars for the training. We pay a monthly maintance fee that is supposed to cover support, but they do not and have not given us any support in 3 years. We have asked several times for assistance, but are never given it. The software is not very easy to use or navigate, has several bugs, and is not something I would recommend.
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Avoid at all costs
As a company our experience of Tigerpaw software has been abysmal.

There were problems from the beginning. The biggest problem is the software itself; at 700mb for the client, it is bloated. It runs very slowly, and appears clunky most of the time.

On all of our machines the software crashed regularly, but the automatic emails to support with the diagnostic information never got responded to without being chased.

Secondly the technical support is abysmal. The people on the phone rarely have an answer to anything beyond the most basic "how to" type questions. Escalated queries get forgotten about.

Overall, I wouldn't even bother. Their sales staff offer a money-back guarantee, which is verbal and totally worthless.
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8 results - showing 1 - 8