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How working with MSPC can help you reach your target market.

If your business provides a product, service, business services such as marketing or coaching which is focused at Managed Service Providers, or to those who are looking to transition from the break fix model into the MSP field, then you should be involved with MSP Comparison.

MSP Comparison is one of the original wave of websites dedicated to helping those in the MSP space.

Having been around since 2010, MSP Comparison attracts visitors from all over the world who are in the MSP industry and looking for peer reviews for products and services to use in their business.

MSP Comparison is the only site dedicated to getting independent product advise without any fuss and by using your existing clients to rate and review your product or service, you can drive the feedback from your happy client base directly to the top of the Google search rankings.

Our visitors are very industry focused and are looking for independent, honest opinions and reviews on products or services that they are actively looking to purchase. You don't get in front of  targeted leads any easier or hotter than that.

Other sites concentrate on news and information. MSP Comparison attracts visitors who want facts and validation of their purchasing choices before making their decision.

What's in it for your business?

Opportunities to advertise your solution to qualified and relevant visitors.

Get direct independent valuable feedback from your end users to help promote your products to a new audience.
Really understand what MSPs think of your business, in an open forum.
Get involved with a global community.
Promote your Press Releases with links for Search Engine Optimisation.
Provide generic content about your product or service to a highly targeted relevant audience. Attributions and links to your site / reviews added in the footer.

Best of all - it doesn't have to cost the earth!

Still unsure if you should be involved?

Get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss how we could work together, there is no point being left out!

Here are a few steps to help you make the most of MSP Comparison.

  1.  Sign up for an account - if you don't do this it's more difficult in the long run as you can't go back in and edit your listing with the latest information.
  2. If it already exists, claim your product listings - if someone has already added your product(s), you can claim the listings to ensure your product information is up to date and gives new prospective customers all the information they will need - it'll probably drive leads too!

    If it doesn't exist, head on over to here and get it into the system. All listings and reviews are moderated prior to being published and must adhere to our terms

  3. Share your company's entry to your current and prospect customers. Let your prospects see how much love your current users have for your product and let your current users let you know how they see your product. More reviews helps your entry within MSPC gain ranking in Google searches.
  4. Engage and respond. Reply back to those who leave poor reviews, letting them and potential users know how you address issues and make your product greater. Also, let us know about anything new, cool or promotions about your product or service. We can help you get your news out there.

We look for partners that we can work with the help not only promote your product or service to the MSP industry, but also those that can help educate those looking for information in an unbiased, easy to understand matter.

If you can provide generic content about the market that you serve or about the product or service you provide, we are happy to discuss hosting that on MSP Comparison. The content shouldn't talk about your product or service directly, but we will attribute your company and the service it relates to in the footer information of the piece.

We aim to keep MSP Comparison as independent as possible by not directly promoting one service or product over another in the main areas of the site. This excludes any agreements for paid promotion or advertising slots taken.