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I am an independent IT small business consultant. I help IT companies grow their businesses in a scalable and sustainable way. I started my own IT company in 2003 and sold it in 2010. Taking it through the many challenges of scaling up - taking on employees, getting to grips with marketing, dealing with sales, building up relationships with suppliers and contacts - has given me a clear understanding of the pleasures and pitfalls of making your IT company succeed.

My clients are business owners of small to medium sized IT firms. I work with one man band start-ups at the beginning of their business careers and with firms of up to 20 people who are poised for expansion. I believe that developing effective relationships is key to business success, and I help my clients get connected - with more clients, with suppliers and with the wider IT world. I enjoy working with people who are positive about business change, keen to learn, and who understand the importance of relationships in business.

The best clients have courage and spirit, and I get a real kick out of helping them succeed.


• Building systems and processes that make IT companies operate efficiently, implementing best practice business processes which foster sustainable growth

• Creating sustainable approaches to business growth challenges - helping clients take control of sales and marketing. Building relationships with suppliers, clients & wider IT world

• Working knowledge of technology such as RMM and PSA - helping my clients make systems work in their business.

Having started, built up and run a successful IT business, I understand the skills, knowledge and systems you need to make it work. Here’s how I can help you:

• Many clients find setting prices for their services difficult. I can help you develop a profitable understanding of IT business finance.

• Getting to grips with marketing your business and generating sales.

• Moving your business up a gear. There’s a whole raft of crucial paperwork that you need to negotiate once your business expands. I can help you stay on top of this.

• I help my clients make their PSA tool such as Autotask and Connectwise work effectively for their business. I show my clients how their RMM tools can be used to generate additional revenue and create new sales.

• I teach my clients how to use social media to deliver real results for their business.

• Putting you back in control. I understand the many demands growing business places on owners. I can help you achieve clear business objectives and put systems in place that will win you back time. My aim is to get you back running the business, instead of the business running you.

I’ve built a strong reputation as an expert in small IT business growth and development. Speaking, training and consultancy work with some of the industry’s biggest names give me a unique overview of the IT industry. Combining my understanding of the big IT picture with my experience of real-life small business means I can deliver invaluable help to IT companies who are looking to grow.

Speaking, training and consultancy work in this sphere keeps me up to date with the wider IT industry. I work as a trusted advisor to several large IT companies who value my understanding and insight into small IT business.

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I have been working with Richard for 2 months now and in the time I've known him the advice and support he has provided to our business has been first rate.

Richard has a wealth of knowledge in the IT industry and a huge amount of contacts that he's only too happy to introduce you to in order to take your business forward. His advice in running a business is invaluable as it comes from someone who's 'Been there and done it'.

Richard is a very personable and helpful and I can recommend his services to anyone wanting to grow their IT business further.
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Richard’s knowledge of the industry and the people that work in it is exceptional. This breadth of knowledge is invaluable to anyone wanting to grow their IT managed services business particularly when you reach one of those ‘brick walls’ which inevitable appear during any small business’ development.

Richard is held in very high regard by all the major players in the IT managed services industry and using his extensive network of contacts he can help your business open up new opportunity and grow.

If you are looking for assistance in growing or improving your managed services business I can thoroughly recommend Richard’s services.
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Not just an IT bloke
I have known Richard for the past 4 years and in that time have worked with him closely on a number of occasions. another review has grabbed the best description for Richard already - he's 'been there, done that', whether it is providing IT support and managed services or taking the stage at conferences and events to impart his experiences to the IT industry.

Knowing him so well, it was an even more pleasant surprise when I employed his services as a consultant and found him to also be an incredibly useful resource for discussing how I manage and organise my IT support business.

Knows his IT stuff, knows his IT industry and knows my kind of business. I can only wholeheartedly recommend his services!
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Valuable advice and peer support
Richard is the sort of person that every business needs, regardless of it being an IT company or not. What you need is someone that can offer a sounding board for your ideas, someone who has many years of experience 'at the sharp end' and someone that is able to provide motivation to you when times might be tough. Richard offers these skills is spades

Working with Richard over the past 12 months has provided me with a new outlook on how I can, and should, improve my business while using many of the ideas he implemented so well in previous businesses to give me a small competitive advantage. All together these changes bring a huge benefit to me personally and the business as a whole
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First rate information from a been there done that man
I have known Richard for many years through his growth at Netlink and merger with James Cash. With many years of running and growing successful I.T support businesses under his belt, Richard's information is one that is not to be ignored.
Held in high esteem by not only his peers, but by some major players in the I.T services industry, Richard manages to offer the right advice, reaching out to the correct people while making the information personal to your business, practices and goals.

If you are serious about growing your I.T business, there are only a handful of true professionals to get information and assistance from. Richard is one of those.
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