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While I don't agree with the entirety of reviews here, the negative reviews are far more consistent with my experience than with the positive reviews. The positive reviews sound scripted, and the one from "Randy Wear" is obviously slanted because there aren't "several PSA's" to choose from in this industry. There are 3, period.

In my opinion, Tigerpaw support is great. It's a handful of men and women who seem to know the answer to most issues most of the time. However, if the problem is escalated you are likely to not hear anything on it for weeks or months.

The biggest problem with this company is poor leadership. The product is feature rich, but a lot of those features are so rigid that they are not useful. Bugs have been a serious problem for me. Tigerpaw regularly releases major upgrades (along with additional bugs) to the product, but they have NO hotfix feature. This means when there is a bug, sometimes CRITICAL bugs, it takes months to fix. There has been more than one occasion now that I have improperly billed my customers due to critical bugs. It took them months to fix, and one has still not been fixed. These are CRITICAL bugs, hands down show stoppers. If you don't monitor everything Tigerpaw does be prepared to look like an idiot to your clients and improperly bill hundreds or thousands of dollars.

They continue to add new features, and bugs, while ignoring problems and features the tigerpaw community has been asking (through their barely used user forum) for literally years.

My experience with people of the organization has been positive. The people are nice, and they do seem to be concerned. They are quick to try to appease the disgruntled, but at the same time it all turns out to be empty promises. Nothing changes. I've been using Tigerpaw for 2 years now to run my managed services and repair shop and I'm just fed up with it. Its expensive and will be a huge investment thrown down the drain, but having used Autotask already and not being happy with it, I will be starting Connectwise trials asap in hopes of moving to that product.

Overall, Tigerpaw has the potential to be an excellent product, but it appears the continued lack of leadership will stifle this product for the foreseeable future.
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June 30, 2015
I am the original poster of this comment. I am posting here to update the community that I am still using Tigerpaw. My initial review was fair and honest. I cannot provide any better information. However, it is only fair to say I am still using the product because it appears that service providers really are stuck in a box of 3 big names here. The truth is, all the products have different features and problems. There simply isn't a great, flipping over backwards solution for us. But, Tigerpaw does offer a nice balance of features and integrations which kept me with the product.
Kenneth Appel
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