IT Glue

Domotz Pro

Features include

  • Network discovery and deep device identification
  • Automated device/switch network mapping
  • Monitoring of device status, TCP services, and SNMP
  • Detection of connectivity issues and network intruders
  • Network speed tests, route analysis, network interfaces traffic and errors
  • Remote Device Access (RDP, HTTP, https, ssh, telnet, proprietary TCP protocols)
  • Remote Power Management (soft reboots, wake-on-LAN, support for PoE switches, smart plugs, UPS and Power Distribution Units)
  • Support for automation non-IP protocols (Cresnet/Crestron, Zigbee/Control4)
  • IT reports and operator actions with logging

Review sites are good for your business.

Why review sites are good for your business.

Review sites are everywhere these days.

Want to book a holiday? Look and compare your choices on a review site. Looking at a major purchase for your home? New TV or kitchen appliances maybe, then you have a huge choice of review and selling sites to pick from.But making a decision that not only affects your business financially, but potentially one that could either hamper or encourage growth is a different matter.

When you run a MSP, you provide your years of skills, collective knowledge of your and your team along with and those little nuggets of weird information that you pick up along the journey, that no-one would teach you.

You also provide your clients with a framework of tools, services and processes to not only make their infrastructure run smoothly, but makes that client a happy, profitable one for your business. Getting more of those is the holy grail of being a Managed Service Provider and allows you to attract better staff, better clients and grow your business as the professional business owner you are.


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But what happens when you start out as an MSP, or are looking at the next product or service to improve how you deliver your support solution?

If like most of the industry, you speak to other MSP business owners that you know and trust. You get their opinions. Then you go out, look at some products, maybe watch a few webinars and then get inundated with offers and products for all that information you signed up for.

As a business owner in an MSP, I know how frustrating it can be and how it can cloud your judgement to have constant interruptions from vendors and suppliers tight on a deadline to get new business signed up.

By using sites such as MSP Comparison, as part of your process, you suddenly have access to more than the group of MSP business owners you know. You have access to opinions, ratings and guidance from MSP business owners and employees just like you and your team, worldwide.

According to Forbes, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. These people are your peers, your industry colleagues. Not only are they the business owners who you look upto, they are also the business owners and startups that lookup to you.

Some of these sites have their tie-ins, some have their listings and opinions as extras to the main focus of their site purpose. Sites such as MSP Comparison, provide to the MSP industry independent and industry specific listings of products and services that help you make the correct decisions when looking to add in a new product or if through growth, you need the next step up to help create a stable business framework to grow into.

We provide MSP Comparison as a tool to help the industry and with your help, by adding your review ratings and information about how a product works (or doesn't) for you, we can help those who want to offer the best they can to their clients.

The products that don't come upto scratch, feed back to the vendors with your honest valuable feedback and ratings. You can always come back and add updates when they take your feedback on board and improve their offering.

If we don't have it, let us and your vendors know. Vendors can add their own information directly, making sure that the data is accurate, pricing is upto date and new updates and releases are made known.

With your help and contributions into MSP Comparison, we can all lift the industry for the betterment not only of our clients, but for us, the MSP business owner. Creating standards for those to achieve that will ultimately increase how business sees our industry.

We are not just I.T people. We are Managed Service Providers that support businesses of all types, all sizes worldwide. We are the trusted technology partner of our clients and our success in what we achieve allows our clients to achieve their success.

Don't be just the "computer guy", be a part of the industry and help it growth through your feedback to help others looking for guidance.

Comodo One RMM Software

Open Mesh cloud managed wifi


Unigma Cloud Management Suite delivers unified cloud management capabilities that empower MSPs to automate routine tasks, and optimize cost management through detailed cloud utilization analysis.


With Traverse, you have a comprehensive business‐oriented view of IT infrastructure that provides fast, actionable insight and enables you to quickly isolate and resolve complex performance problems.

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With a global presence Genric Corp provides a service to MSPs worldwide to assist them in the smooth, stable and productive running of their business. Easily scaling from the one man shop to multiple thousands of endpoints, Generic Corp tools allow your business and engineers to provide services to multiple users at once, increasing productivy, lowering cost of service and generating happy clients.

With support available 24/7 Global Corp makes sure that our product increases with the needs and requirements of the market. Making sure we keep at the cutting edge of new technologies and trends allows Global Corp to future proof your business needs and creates the perfect partnership for onward growth.


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Kaseya NOC

Designed to quickly scale without costly overhead, Kaseya NOC services enables your staff to focus on high value services and strategic growth. Kaseya NOC Services reduces service delivery costs and enables you to deliver higher quality services to your customers with your existing staff.

Scale & Deliver More With Your Existing Team

Kaseya NOC Services enables you to bring on new, large customers or introduce 24x7x365 services rapidly without having to hire new staff. It also enables you to add “burst capacity” for high-value project work.

Kaseya NOC Services is flexible, enabling you to enroll your endpoints into the appropriate service level on a mix-and-match basis to best meet your business needs.
You can sign up for Kaseya NOC Services to suit your own business needs. Enroll your endpoints into the appropriate service level on a mix-and-match basis to best meet your business needs.