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We've been a Level Platforms partner for a number of years. We've been in business for 19 years working with SMB clients, and have been providing managed services for the past 7 years. Several years ago, as the Managed Services industry was in its early stages, LPI (along with every other managed service vendor) was going through some rough patches. We looked at just about every other vendor out there, and decided to stick with LPI due to the people there and in particular the vision and commitment of founder Peter Sandiford. We believed that LPI gave us the best chance of succeeding in the managed services arena. Their entire team is outstanding. We made the right decision.

About 5 years ago, the LPI platform became rock solid. Subsequent releases have introduced additional features and improved functionality. With the 2011 release, they haven't just hit a home run, it's a grand slam. I agree with everything that Matthew says in his review and he's pretty much covered everything I'd say. The network audit package is awesome! In the past, doing a network review for a new prospective client was a painstaking process. Since the LPI product is agentless, it allows us to perform a network review with minimal effort. We have an inexpensive laptop with the LPI Onsite Manager installed. We simply put that on the client's network, configure network discovery, and leave it onsite for a few days. The Network Audit reports that we can then run are extremely impressive. We haven't failed to land a client yet when doing this. It's priceless.

One additional thing I'll add it that in addition to the stellar LPI support team, the partner community and forums on the LPI website are second to none. Some incredible partners on there contributing assistance on a regular basis.

In my opinion, LPI is no doubt the leader in the managed services market, and things will only get better. Highly recommended.
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