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LPI 2011 Rocks!
I am a LPI user since 2007 and the program has come a long way over the past several years. It has always been great at tracking and reporting information and it is very customizable, enabling you to build alerts for just about anything. The support has always been stellar too. I am very excited about the new functionality in LPI 2011, in my mind; it really boosts the products value and capability to a whole new level. I have been playing with 2011 as it has been in development and there are some major new features that really will save time and can eliminate your dependency on other tools. Let me give you some for-examples:

1) Remote control in less than three clicks: The new LPI interface enables you to remote into a desktop via a pop out menu from the central devices screen in just a few clicks. This is super easy to use and really is a nice enhancement to the existing remote control functionality of lpi.

2) Flexibility between Agent or Agent less: One of LPI's main selling points for years has been the fact that you did not need an agent installed on all devices in order to collect information or interact with the machine. This was wonderful provided that everything was connected and inside a traditional network, but with the increased dependence on remote users and laptops, the option to have an agent has become increasingly effective. This is now available with LPI 2011, and the agent install is simple, quick and not recourse intensive. The option to use an agent less onsite manager, or an agent based Device Manager is very powerful and really completes the solution.

3) Detailed device information: In if we had a customer who wanted to order a ram upgrade, we could use LPI to rapidly remote into the machine and pull information, but now with LPI 2011, you can just bring up the device view and right on the screen is very rich information about system components. This will also be a huge time saver!

Over all, I am very impressed with LPI 2011!
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