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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 6198
Get it together!!
Let me tell you one thing right off the bat, don't buy this tool unless you plan on dedicating a full time person to giving it TLC 24/7. It is extremely unstable, and a mess to manage. As a business owner be prepared to pay someone to open tickets with LT support all day and play phone tag with them. Once they actually are able to talk to you on the phone, don't expect the issue to be fixed. It will enter this black hole called QA which recently was re-named to Reported Issues.

LabTech is focusing all it's efforts right now on releasing a extremely ugly UI that even the support department jokes about. Funny thing is, has anyone seen the Reported Issues list? It isn't getting any smaller, just longer and longer.

Automation?! Ha! The system needs to be 90% functional for that to even work right, which is about 50% of the time.

Looking to monitor virtual hardware? Good luck! The VMware monitoring tool hasn't worked in a year, but don't worry they have Hyper-V plugin on the way! Maybe that will take 2 yrs to fix once they release it.

The developers are a joke! They hide behind level 1 support. The manager for this team needs to be canned and they need to hire someone who holds these guys accountable for the crap they release.

LabTech wants to be a Google like company, all fun and games. How about making things work before focusing on the fun? I am sure LabTech is having fun all the way to the bank, while the partners sit stressed out with a broken down car on the side of the road with no parts to fix it for miles and miles. Who is driving this boat? LabTech is a making a ton of $$$ all at the expense of the partner.

Let's hope the recent purchase of ScreenConnect doesn't mean they drag that product into the ground.
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