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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 3983
LabTech - Great Product, Great Support
I have been using LabTech for nearly 6 months since changing from GFI MAX. LabTech has changed the way I do things and as added peace of mind knowing that it catches just about everything. I see a lot of negative comments regarding hundreds of tickets being generated and bad support - I was given the advice from the get-go that it will need fine tuning to reduce the amount of tickets and its true. To have a fully customised system, you need to take the time out to customise the reporting, alerts and monitors. As for the support, I have found it to be first class and very efficient.
I have only scratched the surface of LabTech and am learning new and better ways to use it each day. Top product in my option!
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January 09, 2014
Looking at both GFI and Labtech currently...can I ask what made you want to move away from GFI?

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