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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 2506
Great Product, Horrible support!!!
This product rocks!! So much you can do with it. A whole community exists for people looking to really make this product do everything for them, so many customizations out there. Coming from using Kaseya & Managed Engine this product far surpasses both....BUT wait.....!!

The support you get from Labtech's standard support is a joke. They offer a variety of methods to open a ticket with them them phone, email or chat. All basically lead to you getting a dispatcher. Average response time? 4-6hrs at best. The L1 guys are truly L1 guys, always double confirm any answer you get from one guy because it could be completely different. I have yelled at just about everyone there in regards to this issue, account managers, sales rep, customer care, support manager. They all listen but no one actually does anything to fix this! If they dont do something about the support I see this as the demise of this company. I myself have resorted to using a 3rd party consultant who can answer any question thrown at him. He knows more than most trainers!

Labtech recently started offering a Premier support option which to me is a total sham! They basically push you into paying extra for Premier support because basic support is useless. Remember if you choose to base your business off of this product look into a valuable support resource because Labtech is NOT it!!!
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