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loosing ground...
Product is great for MSPs that are willing to take the time to write their own scripts and monitor sets. We still use it, but based on their pricing model we will not be purchasing any more licenses due to them as a company just not getting it. Some of the new players in the market have a much better understanding of MSPs and where they are coming from and do not force you to not only pay a premium price but to also buy more than you need. Good produce.... bad company. Tech support request usually go unanswered or if they are answered it is usually a link to a KB that does not apply to your request.
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December 31, 2010
This sums up the Kaseya offering perfectly - totally in tune with our experiences over the last two plus years.
Richard Maynard
August 31, 2011
Hi Todd,

I work for Kaseya in the UK, and I am sorry to hear you feel we are out of touch with the MSP market. I was an MSP before I got involved in Kaseya in the UK about 8 years ago, and the MSP market has been my main focus over those 8 years. I get involved in every way I can in the MSP market, including attending and speaking at events, running events. But most importantly I speak to MSP's every day that are using our product to deliver Managed Services.
Of course over the years our single product has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, and therefore more expensive. This did leave us with a bit of a 'gap' for a while where many smaller MSP's didn't need everything that Kaseya did, but there was only one product sold one way. I can happily report that that's no longer the case, and there are various versions of Kaseya to fit every size and type of MSP and at every different budget level. Lets find out if we can get you onto the right product for you and get you the value your business needs out of the tool. Please PM me and I'd be happy to help.
October 16, 2012
Further update to this...

This review is now 2 years old and no longer bears any resemblance to the reality of Kaseya today. There are a broader range of offerings both On Premises ans Saas, the pricing models have been updated to be the most competitive in the market place.
You don't have to write your own scripts or monitor sets are there are literally thousands available in the product and through the busiest and most vibrant community in the MSP space.
The upcoming 6.3 release also includes a content wizard to automatically setup the most common best practices for monitoring, patching and automated maintenance to workstations and servers enabling setup of a Kaseya system in record time. ( see the Roadmap for Pre-release annoucement: )
The support has been transformed in the last two years, including the addition of dedicated phone based Customer Services across all time zones that means that no call or ticket ever goes unanswered. Our technical support satisfaction surveys (conducted regularly and at random) show that our satisfaction results are now above those of Microsoft's support, so we have proven our commitment to excellent support over time.
I just wanted to make it really clear to anyone reading this review that this is an ancient point of view and does not reflect Kaseya today.
3 results - showing 1 - 3