EnBox Anti-Spam Firewall

EnBox Anti-Spam Firewall

Product Information

On Premise
Priced Per Unit
Price Information
AUD$59.00 per server
Sold as mx1.yourserver.com mx2.yourserver.com


2 Dedicated MX Servers
3 Anti-Virus Scanners
25GB Traffic
Unlimited Domains
Daily/Weekly Reporting
Charged Per Server

EnBox exists as a market leading Spam and Malware protection gateway which has been engineered for the sole purposes of preventing Spam, Viruses, Malware, Trojan Horses, Phishing emails, Spyware and many other threats from ever reaching your customers business network.

InBound or Outbound Spam filtering If your customers rely on email for outbound marketing campaigns or even if you just rely on contracts to be delivered when you email them, then Spam and Malware could be costing you money. If in the past you have been the target of Spam attack, or if you have customers who have employee’s that introduce software or visit sites that they perhaps shouldn’t then computers on your network may be compromised with malware. It may not be apparent to you, but your network may be sending out thousands of Spam emails per day. In doing this, your IP address may become blacklisted meaning many of your emails will not be delivered, legitimate or not. Fortunately, EnBox offer both an inbound Anti-Spam solution and an outbound SMTP Spam Solution. Our Outbound SMTP service will scan all outgoing email to ensure it is not Spam and will ensure that the IP address it is sent from is clean. This means your email will be delivered on time, every time. With EnBox you work with a plethora of email centric guy's and girls that work hard to make sure your companies image and reputation is held in the highest of regards, from our customised interface from our qualified marketing department, we make sure your image and reputation that you have spent so long building up is kept pristine. Whilst the EnBox platform is super smart, evolving and always learning, sitting behind it is actually a team of enthusiastic individuals whom all take the concept of eradicating your inbox of Spam, trojans, spyware and viruses, very, very seriously. This may make us ‘nerds’ but at the end of the day, we don’t care, just so long as we are helping businesses with the management and elimination of Spam.

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