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Two versions are available
1. Lite: great for 1-2 person companies, free for first year through most CoreConnex partners
2. Standard: if you are $180 set up, $49 per month per through most CoreConnex partner ($59 per month otherwise)


- Improve your company management process
- Gain visibility on performance trends across multiple lines of business
- Track financial goals and monitor performance
- Watch key ratios like AR Days
- Learn how staff is contributing to the bottom line
- Get IT industry performance benchmarks
- Make forecasts to see where you are heading
- Single sign on with some PSA vendors
- Analyze expense trends
- Access to business coaching resources

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The Corelytics Financial Dashboard is a great platform for improving the overall management of your company. It is easy to use and makes the financial picture of your business come to life so you can see where your business is headed and manage proactively to take it there.

Using BI to improve company management

Corelytics is a great plug-n-play financial dashboard that can help you understand and manage your P&L and Balance Sheet. It does have analytics, but is not a tool for creating custom reports or pivot tables. Use Excel or another tool for that. It doesn't matter whether you use QuickBooks or other accounting software, it works with all of them.

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Made's Financials Easy to view
As fans of the phrase "What is measured, can be managed" - we were looking for a product that allowed us a simple "dashboard" view of our finances on an ongoing basis. As QuickBooks users, Corelytics fitted that bill.

Set-up can appear daunting, but we were grateful for the help from somebody from CoreConnex who hand-held us through the process in a polite and patient manner.

Once set-up, the dashboard is easy to navigate and use, and helped make financial reporting much less of a chore for us. So useful, especially when you're asked for financial reports from external organisations - Credit applications with Suppliers, etc.

My only caveat would be that the product was only available in $USD at the time we used it, and integrated with QuickBooks only. As a £GBP user, we would have preferred the figures in our local currency, and when we moved to Sage Line 50, we could no longer use Corelytics. Hopefully CoreConnex will (or have) addressed these issues.
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A must have product for small business owners
If you are running a business and don't have an MBA, this is the best way to see what is actually happening in your company. This is a great resource for a routine monthly management process.
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