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PSA & Ticketing C claimme 1366
Fantastic product, makes us much more money than before..
We switches from a manual system about 12 months ago and haven't turned back.

Even for a small house, our billing is nearly double some months due to us capturing all the billable time.

As with any system of this size, there are some downsides, but we haven't found anything that we haven't been able to work around at the moment.

We did try the sales module, but it wasn't great 6 months ago. They did purchase VAR Street but it isn't released in Australia as yet, so we still use a manual Excel based system and hoping this works.

A fast internet connection is a must with this product as it is hosted. If you are in a poor Internet area, you will have a slow experience (when we use it on 3G wireless Internet dongles it is a much slower experience).
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