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Outstanding company & product
I've used Tigerpaw for close to 10 years now. Tigerpaw offers the best support of any software company I've worked with in the 35 years I've been in the technology business, and that includes working with the software vendors that our clients used.

We've seen continuous significant enhancements made to the product, that keep allowing us to run our business better, be more knowledgeable, make better decisions, serve our clients better, and have an earier time in this rocky road of applying and supporting technology. I've used other PSA's and there are good and bad choices, but unquestionably, Tigerpaw has offered the best product / function / support / company set - regardless of the price paid (unless you spend millions).

The breadth and depth of the product really makes a difference in helping my business & employees.

They actively listen to and ask for feedback from clients. The really want to help support and improve our business.

Every software product has some bugs - I've seen some big ones with competitors - but nothing major with Tigerpaw over all the years. And they are fast to own up and fix them; in fact they love it when we find them. Overall, I'd say their quality assurance has been very good and with a real commitment and further improvement over the last 2 years.

All PSA tools have a learning and implementation curve. The better the product is and the more comprehensive, as well as how extensively a firm wants to use the product, will impact the time and effort it takes. I found Tigerpaw to do a very good job with helping that process - I've experienced this with multiple firms that I've worked with. Their staff, webinars, knowledge university, tutorials, documents, starter data set - excellend. And they have people dedicated to the implementation, both inside and out.

I don't know where others had trouble with that unless they didn't ask for help, didn't involve themselves with the resources or had strange expectations. Those would lead to disaster or trouble with any product.
I have worked with several PSA's and none offered the resources and effective assistance that I've seen Tigerpaw do for us and for many other companies that I've observed.

It just keeps getting better. A great choice, that I've made several times (different companies) and never regretted.
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