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PSA & Ticketing C claimme 3349
Best CRM product with MSP Integration
We have been using Tigerpaw since 2002. It is hands down the best CRM/PSA software on the market for Managed Services Providers. Tigerpaw has many excellent features: First and foremost it is an excellent architecture because it Flexible enough to be customized for nearly any MSP function, Scalable enough to handle growth in your company, Performance is optimized so it runs very quickly, and we have never experienced any problems with Reliability (Accuracy). However, out of all of the architecture attributes, Availability is the perhaps the strongest attribute of Tigerpaw. In 8 years of use, we have NEVER had a significant support issue. In fact, 99% of the calls we make to tech support are training questions when we ask "how to?”

Secondly, Tigerpaw is simply powerful. With its Master Tables and Custom Fields and Folders, a novice user can easily customize Tigerpaw to achieve nearly any conceivable task. We absolutely love the ability to control the product and customize it to our needs.

Thirdly, Tigerpaw has a wide variety of "connectors" and interfaces including a 2 way interface with Kaseya and at least one other MSP platform. Other connectors include an email connector, a manual and automatic QuickBooks interface and other accounting interfaces, and an Exchange connector. The Kaseya interface is very effective and significantly improves our ability to provide managed services to our clients.

Finally, Tigerpaw is the BEST CRM product on the market because of the team that supports it. The entire Tigerpaw team from sales, to service, to development to executive leadership are all easily accessible and are all committed to providing their customers with a world class product and a world class service. Incredibly enough, they still maintain their own in-house technical support team, usually with less than a 15 minute wait time when you call in. Management is involved in a Client Advisory Group that routinely communicates with everyday users and incorporates their feedback into the product.

We recommend Tigerpaw CRM+ over any other PSA/CRM software on the market!
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