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call me before you make a huge mistake!
(Updated: November 14, 2013)
I am a current S.O.S. customer because I prepaid for a year to get better pricing. My name is Ed Camp owner of an I.T. company located in the midwest. The bottom line is that the promises of support, trainning, and marketing resources is based on a websites content and an absolute lie! I have recieved zero support and could not tell you my account reps name or if I even have one. The software is more complicated than anything I have ever seen in 17yrs. In technology. Support is horrible and response time is slow. Before you consider this company give me a call at xxxxxxx and get the facts and a look at there so called world class marketing materials. Empty promises, dismal product, lousy support, and overall a huge mistake!

Update posted by Admin.

Ed has asked for the following to be amended to the post, but feel that for openness, the original post should stay.

"I wrote this review and would like it removed, I have since changed my mind and SOS has changed as well"
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