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AMAZING Infrastructure Management Tool
PacketTrap does a great job at managing your core network infrastructure and core infrastructure devices. It does a decent job of managing workstations. We use it in conjunction wtih LabTech as LabTech is really good at working with individual devices but doesn't handle the infrastructure or networking devices (routers, switches, etc) well at all...this is where PacketTrap comes in as it and does a stellar job.

PacketTrap's support is amazing and the involvement of support and development in their forum is amazing.

The only reason my ratings aren't all 5s is because of the lack of depth in scripting, deep custom monitoring and device management. To be fair, though, there are only a few other RMMs that do this well and they miss the boat when it comes to infrastructure monitoring.
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Packettrap MSP Review
We've been using Packettrap MSP for about 3 years. Previously used N-Able and Level Platforms. We are much happier with Packettrap MSP than we were with the previous two products.
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Acceleration Program sets them apart
I've been ap PT user for about a year. As the company owner, I am happy with our decision to invest in PT. We switched from Level Platforms, which I never was able to completely get working. THe PT support is excellent from the day you sign on the dotted line, completely through all phases of use. In the year I have been a customer, I have been amazed at the amout of investment Quest has put into improving the functionality and features of the program. I would like to see some better documentation, but I hear they are working on that.

However - to me, the thing that sets PT apart from all the others that I looked at is the acceleration program. Mike Byrne worked tirelessly with me to make sure I understood the mindset and financial issues of being an MSP. They also helped me creat collateral to begin the sales prpcess, and helped me develop pricing for my first few clients. That, to me, was invaluable and priceless.

Don't sign a contract without talking to PT first!
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Networking Master
I've been using this product for more than a year now and it has been a major step in the right direction in helping me monitor my client's networks. I used another RMM before this, but was quite dissatisfied with the network monitoring options so after trialing PacketTrap for a month, I made the switch.

I recommend this to anyone looking to evolve into managed services. I went through their acceleration program (with employee Nathan) and got a great deal of documents and advice on how to approach clients, price my services, and sell.

The 4 stars on Ease-Of-Use and Customisation are for the fact that: 1) The program is powerful and therefore requires a bit of configuration 2) I'd like the scripting engine to be a bit more robust.

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Quality RMM tool for the masses
Different pricing structure than most other RMMs and it works for both small and large clients.
Easy to setup and get going with the on premises solution.
Support is responsive and the Community of other users is well worth it.
The ability to use multiple different scripting tools: VB, JS, WMI, PowerShell, batch file.
Deploys with a simple agent install and option of using Antivirus solution built right into it.

Overall, we are extremely happy about our switch to PacketTrap as it has made our technicians more efficient and effective and thus made us more profitable.
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Support is nonexistent since Dell purchased them
We have used PT for about three years. Overall it has been a good product. Monitoring works great. You can't make many customizations anywhere in the product, including reports. Scripting is very basic, and has stopped working for us completely. We have had a case open with support for over thirty days, and can't get a call back or return email. Support was good before Dell bought them. I think they must have terminated the support group, because I can't even get them to answer the phone or return a call.

We are looking for a new product.
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Dell has discontinued this product
This solution is no longer available from Dell
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7 results - showing 1 - 7