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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) J jbarnetpromys-com 2452
Well consolidated view of the IT enviorment
We have setup a server on-premise in a closed enviorment. From that we are able to monitor all servers and the Workstations that we require real-time monitoring on. Further more we have add several SNMP devices and although Pulseway dosn't support MIB import (yet) we have managed to get useful monitoring of thoose devices as the SNMP walk Works quite well.

We are able to delegate control/view to the users whom require that and we can present a real-time dashboard to everyone in the company.

The support is execellent and the fact that you can add wish requests and see them implemented shortly after is very, very useful - given no two company's is alike and therefor not always just fit-in-a-box.

I wouldn't hesitate 1 second to recommend this to a friend/collegue.

We still have some wish'es for the future regarding Pulseway, but i'm confident we'll get there.
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