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A great backup provider for MSPs
Having tried dozens of online backup providers, I could never find one that was "right" for my clients. I have tried services that work well technically, but if there was a problem, I had trouble finding support.

I have been using Nine Technology as my primary online backup provider since March of this year and I have been extremely pleased with them.

Nine Technology is one of the best service providers I have ever done business with. The company seems to "get it" offering exactly what small SMB IT providers like me want. No-long term commitments, no minimum sales quotas, simple setup, custom branding and a great team.

Where Nine Technology really stands out is their team.

They have helped me every step of the way by providing my business custom branded marketing material, technical support and even alerting me of sales opportunities (like when Mozy upped their pricing a back in April).

From a technical standpoint, their service is quick and hassle free. They even do free initial seeds for your clients. I also get plain text reports delivered to me every morning and have yet to have a failed backup.

There pricing is very fair, running around $0.50 / GB.

The only negative thing I can say is that their user interfaces are ugly and can be hard to wrap your head around how accounts work.
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