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PSA & Ticketing C claimme 3419
Best Experience So far is with Naverisk!
I've been trialing Naverisk for 7 days now and comparing it to GFI and N-Able. So far, I am very impressed with the fluid layout and simple approach to getting things done. The interface is very straightforward and my technicians and I were comfortable in using it in a production capacity after working with it for about 20 minutes. This is VASTLY different than my experience with GFI and AVG - where I have been directed to some 40+ hours of videos just to learn the product.

With Naverisk, the setup was simple (they did it for me) and I just need to deploy my agents and select the monitoring roles I wanted active. The entire setup process for evaluation literally took me about 5 minutes. In that time I was getting useful data such as system audits, monitors or AV and troubleshooting components too. I also LOVE that I can interact with the machines without having to use remote control. Things like CLI and Task management are so much easier in the interface.

The only issue I have right now with the software is the lack of Quickbooks integration for their billing system (which is tied to their ticketing) - and the SNMP scanning needs some work. It would be nice to pull down preloaded OIDS or MIBS from the library and activate as needed (like they have with scripting and roles).

The other thing I have really *liked* (use that term loosely here) is the sales experience. The guys in the US office have been very responsive and easy to work with - and they know technology. You can tell that they have worked in the field before after 5 minutes of talking with them. I mostly worked with a guy named Mike and would highly recommend him. They basically reached out and see what I needed and then check in from time to time. With GFI and N-able, those guys were like hounds and called almost every day. One at N-Able was trying to hard sell me when we hadn't even gotten the trial system up and running yet. I was quite put off about it.

So there is my three cents. When I'm done with the trial next week, I do plan on taking a look at Labtech next (although their reviews aren't that good) and see how they stack up. I'm pretty much sold on Naverisk - but want to be sure as well. Hope this review helps some of you out there.

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