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PSA & Ticketing C claimme 3137
For months we searched for RMM solution and we had several key features in mind - real-time monitoring, inventory and reporting system and remote maintenance in a single solution. We spent a lot of our time and energy looking for the right solution at the best price. We tested all the solutions that the market offers, but never found the right solution for us until we found Naverisk.
In theory all solutions were great, but in practice there was always something that was important to us and didn't function properly. Without bad feelings to other companies, their products are wonderful, but Naverisk gave us exactly what we needed- 100% working product, incredible Sales Department and surprisingly fast, reliable and professional support, which for me personally is uniquely. During our entire communication with Naverisk they replied to all of the questions quickly, responsibly and professionally.
Each and every one of you who reads my comment for the Naverisk trust me and test the quality of the company and you will convince yourself in what I said and know this - we have been there.

Thanks to Naverisk for everything they did and I expect to continue our work with them.
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