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Possibilities are endless
Having tested this software for a week using Naverisk Cloud it was blatantly apparent this product was perfect for our current support structure and going forward for our MSP development. After demonstrating the product to our Directors and outlining the benefits over other MSP software I was able to purchase Naverisk then and there. We opted to purchase an on prem solution - the server install was for the most part straight forward but if you are familiar with IIS and SQL you should be fine.

We currently offer break fix support for a wide variety of clients and hardware. I have deployed Naverisk on all the the servers we support (no matter what contract level they have), it stops little day to day headaches (Checking backups, checking virus definitions, making sure the server has the right resources). It makes the perfect monitoring tool just for those critical servers.

Additional to the server side monitoring we have undergone extensive testing on workstation monitoring and the extra features for example the ability to send scripts to multiple devices make day to day management as easy as two clicks. This has increased our support turn around and has made management of our clients systems at least 80% more effective. We are now effectively and proactively monitoring 700+ endpoints in our first 3 months. We aim for this figure to increase expenentially in the next few months as the system will provide the service and features we need to keep staffing to a minimum but also maximise our clients experience.

Yes the features of MSP software are pretty much of a sameness but Naverisk makes deployment and implementation easy and streamlined. The more I use Naverisk the more potential I see in the service I can provide to my clients. Naverisk offers pretty much all the features other MSP's try and up sell you as extras in one box. We currently use team viewer but I can see this becoming obsolete now we have the Remote Desktop capability Naverisk offers with VNC or standard RDP.

I know that Naverisk have an on boarding team but believe me the software and tutorials are so easy to follow you shouldn't really need any guidance. Whenever I have needed any advice Naverisk have always been on hand and have answered any questions very promptly.

The team at Naverisk are excellent - unlike other MSP Software houses that are always trying the "Hard Sell" Naverisk know the software speaks for itself.

If you are reading this review - seriously just go to to the website and request a trial whether you are an IT Administrator for a SMB or a full blown MSP. This will save you hours of work and you will provide an excellent level of service to all your users. You can produce very granular reports on pretty much anything you need - Usage, performance, Security, Backup... and so on…
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