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(Updated: July 14, 2010)
We have been using Naverisk for a little under a year, and in that time have seen rapid grow th of this relatively young product. The web interface is straightforward to navigate, the feature set is compelling and the price point
for the feature set was the catalyst to try it out.

We have been using the Hosted solution w hich has been highly stable. In that time there has only been one glitch I can think of , and the support team took care of it faster than any other vendor I have worked with in quite some time. We are about to move to the in house edition (to give us more agents for the same price) w hich requires only modest specs in our initial testing (and in the documentation).

Dual options for remote control, effective alerting, w ell set up basic templates that are readily tweak-able on a per site or per machine basis, and comprehensive reports (plus a host of other features) definitely make it worth taking it for a test drive.

We feel like a proper customer when dealing with Naverisk staff, and not 'just a number' or 'anannoying phone call or email in their busy work day'. The development team readily accept input into the product design and feature set, and it is great to see our requests make their w ay into the production version.

(Coincidentally, I sent of f an email request to their support address around 30 minutes ago and just received a reply.)

Naverisk easily rates a 4 out of 5.
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