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Naverisk RMM and Service Desk
We went through a fairly exhaustive trawl of the RMM market just over a year ago. We had trials and quotes for quite a few of them. What attracted us to Naverisk was the inclusion of both RMM and Service Desk. Added to that Naverisk have both on-site and hosted SaaS offerings. We needed 1,500 end users and on-site offered an extremely cost effective solution.
Naverisk is our first RMM solution and whilst I will admit we have found things that we would have liked were missing from the service desk, Naverisk actually listen to their customers and implement the requests. The RMM aspects were pretty comprehensive. The Service Desk is where we found a few omissions. However, in the last 13 months there have been 3 new releases and there is another due in any day now. These 4 releases have filled many of the gaps we found in the service desk as well as adding new facilities to the RMM aspects.

I can’t express enough how refreshing it is to be dealing with a company that actually listens to their customers. How many of the other RMM providers can say the CEO gets his/her hands dirty dealing with the customers. Jon and his team are always willing to discuss ideas and are there to help. If you are unsure of how to use certain aspects of the system then free live on-line training sessions with one of the support guys are readily available. However, the system is very intuitive and there is an active forum.

I am sure if you want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for Kaseya or Labtech then I am certain you will find something on its feature list that Naverisk doesn’t have. But ask yourself is it worth paying 4-5 times the price for those features in a system that is much less user friendly.

All-in-all Naverisk is a good product at a good price from a good company.
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