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Fantastic Product!
I have been a user of Naverisk since their very early version and I can truly say that it is the most fantastic RMM tool that I have seen. I was looking for such a tool when the Naverisk rep cold-called on me and offered a trial. I had already looked at half a dozen other products of varying quality so I took advantage of the offer. Boy am I glad I did!!
We went with the hosted offering and, whilst they had some problems with their provider early on, the problems were quickly sorted out and, really we have never looked back. I have also used it hosted locally and I can attest to the fact that setup is an absolute breeze.
Compared with the others I, personally, prefer Naverisk for the following reasons.
1. It does what it says!
2. Alerting is immediate (other products poll their agents every so many minutes. A lot can happen on a server even in 5 minutes!)
3. The interface is clean and responsive.
4. It's simple and intuitive. You only see what you need to see (ie. the things that need attention) rather than a screen (or screens) full of traffic lights!!!
5. It can be almost infinitely extended by scripts and the template system is awesome.
6. The remote console is fabulous and perfect for quick checks without having to logon to machines.
7. The remote control options are great too. Not as fast as a dedicated remote control package but usable and being improved all the time.
8. Our clients LOVE the reports!
9. The support team is very responsive.
10. The price is right.
...and I haven't mentioned the scheduling, patching, live performance and many, many more features that are genuinely USEFUL!

Naverisk is obviously crafted by people with a passion for the business and they have done a wonderful job so far. I am looking forward to using the product in years to come.
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