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Powerful but takes time
We've been using N-able for nearly a year and were one of the first users on version 8. Whilst we had numerous problems with our initial deployment (deploying the agent via AD/GPO/MSI, which is an approach now no longer supported) we are now in a position where we have over 4000 devices out in the field spanning over 150 different customers. We also use Autotask as our PSA and have N-able (N-central) automatically logging tickets into Autotask when an issue is detected. For example, we've got about 40 servers running BackupExec in a variety of versions that're logging a ticket into Autotask automatically when a backup fails. Other checks log tickets when the check fails and automatically close the ticket when the check returns to normal either by the triggering of a self-healing script by the software agent or after intervention by our service desk team. The latest version of the Remote Support Manager is a heck of a lot better than earlier versions that were included in v8 and we're happily monitoring a whole raft of services and applications. I've added some custom checks and scripts of my own and have also added a handful from the shared community repository that N-able have.

We are intending to expand our usage of N-able's products. We've already rolled out the Endpoint Security software to a few customers and are going to be starting to offer patch management to customers too. In addition we're looking at the anti spam and integrated backup parts.

Support is not a problem. We have a regular bunch of engineers that attend to our calls and are always knowledgeable and happy to help. A number of our feature requests have been added to the product and bugs that are picked up are resolved.

Overall, the product DOES work well. However, it needs careful planning and deployment. Don't just bang the agent out on to as many devices as you can get your hands on. Out of the box the product tries to monitor too much stuff and you'll end up with a sea of red crosses. You need to carefully decide what services you NEED to monitor and decide on the thresholds for those services. Like with a lot of big products, if you take the time during planning and deployment you'll reap the rewards in the long run. Don't rush it. Take your time and do it properly. N-central now drives our service desk and has helped us provide a better service for our customers.
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Honest Reviews
We have been using N-Able for over 3 years now. The Server side has been offline once during an upgrade from one version to the next. We are extremely happy with the software, except the pricing could be a bit better.

We started our operations using OpManager .. but realised quickly this was not a good choice seeing that the software was offline more often the customer Nodes. How could we monitor customers when our monitoring software doesnt respond. THis is a problem we have not faced with N-Able at all. They are constantly improving the product, help out with the basics right down to even auditing your company see if you understand MSP and what it means.

If we had to choose again we would defnitly choose N-Able. Even local support in Holland. Only thing we would like to see is more support for FreeBSD in the future. Software comes in variuos versions from probe / agent . The probe and agent do not use a lot of CPU / mem on the Node side.

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Question legitimacy
I'd like to point out both the articles written for N-able have been written by separate users on the same date and yet nothing since?

Im currently looking for an MSP / PSA /RRM and i continually find it odd, that labtechsoft gets such a plug and other MSP's are degraded online, i get the feeling there are some employee's of labtechsoft rubbishing other products because i cant seem to find many reviews of other products which don’t instantly say afterwards..

"but we tried labtechsoft and they are super human"

I think any MSP implementation initially is going to be a headache, but if you're going to write an honest review you surely wouldn’t instantly plug another product after you have just dropped 25k? I want to point this out I have no affiliation with ANY MSP, im a customer looking for an MSP without a STUPID pricing model. Why should I have to negotiate to get a price for an MSP? I just want a dam price not some “you may get ripped off if you don’t haggle” approach! It leaves me with a sour taste before ive even had the chance to look at the product. I have looked at labtech's reporting tools and they are hopeless, i have looked at n-able's pricing and i can't figure out why the hell they say a price and when you get the contract it shows more? Because of xyz they didn’t explain clearly when doing the sales pitch. Kaseya seem to have a bad rep but they also have more users because they have been in the market the longest, and as we all know in IT you only hear about it when it goes wrong.

What im saying to you is be wary of all the positive hype people say about labtech, i strongly get the feeling its employee's not honest reviews, if it was honest why don’t people mention how ugly the GUI is?

N-able to me seems to be the better product and their support seems WAY better than labtech soft which leaves me weighing up the cost because they for us are an extra 12,000 than labtech? Not to mention ongoing?, but N-able lacks 2 features which labtechsoft have 1. a desktop ticketing system 2. history logger.

N-Able is quite pushy in their sales which i dislike, but they seem eager to give support which is important when dealing with a product like this. I feel labtech support is average, even speaking to a sales and asking to speak to a tech regarding technical issues, has turned out to be hard, i have asked several times to speak to a tech and i havent spoken to one yet, i just get a sales person full of promises with minimal information about technical aspects.

I think its interesting Connect wise has bought into labtech and nod32 is also partnered or looking to with labtech because both have good established companies.

So I’m lost in decisions but it’s important for an honest opinion than these BS reviews.
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N-Central Recommendation
(Updated: July 14, 2010)
I have been using it, for a few months and I really like the product, quick to get up and running and brilliant support. There is a steep learning curve to take full advantage of the product but easy to get the basic monitoring/reporting going.
Well priced as well.
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