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Nable User for 2 years
To date, I've been using Nable for two years and really enjoy what the product has to offer and have never thought ill about it. Sure, the price tag was steep to get in but Kaseya was higher priced and I heard too many horror stories about their support.

When looking at any product for our use or for our clients, we look at what a product has to offer, what it lacks, and narrow the field accordingly. The two things that help solidify our choice are: 1) Customer Service and 2) Technical Support. Both of these elements are well represented by Nable and our firm can attest to it because we've used both..and still do!

My constructive criticism for Nable is their product is heavily deep in terms of configurations and settings. Without fully reading the materials and learning the product before launching it on paying customers, one can easily get eaten alive by all the configuration items. My best advice is to start small, use it internally to gain a baseline, which from there templates can be created and global settings can be propogated to all customer sites. By taking this approach, we're able to pull off some awesome RMM functions and provide monthly/quarterly reports that impress. The other dig I would give is with the reporting. Sure, we always want more and NAble gives us access to the database to use our own reporting tools; however, it's a lot of work to get going.

The monitoring side can lead to a lot of false alarms, but that's where careful consideration of what you monitor and when it notifies come into play. The self-correction feature is great and getting notice when something corrects itself is great.

We integrate with AutoTask PSA and both of these tools working together gives us so much more information than we ever thought we'd ever need.

Scripts are always a work in progress for any RMM, but there's times I wish Nable had more to go on. Pushing software to our client computers is fairly straight forward, even if they're not on a domain where we can use group policy.

I would highly recommend this product to other MSP's.
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Look At Other Products
(Updated: July 14, 2010)
I w ork at an MSP and w e bought N-Central going on 5 years ago. At that time, I think it was the best product we had seen. We tried out level platforms, but that was a HUGE resource pig and, since most of our customers are on Windows SBS, they didn't have the resources for Level Platforms agents. We learned a lot on monitoring / providing good services to customers and reports were nice with N-Central. There was a HUGE learning curve and configuration challenges for alerts/notifications. Once we were confronted with the cost of renewing/paying for maintenance, how ever, we decided to look at what else
was out there now that three or four years had passed since we last done this research.

We gave N-Central a fair shake. We set up demos of the new product but they gave us the greenest level 1 tech to give the demo and he couldn't answer any of our questions, and we felt we knew the products better than he did. There was also a fair amount of turnover, apparently, since when we asked for pricing they talked to us like we were a new customer (they didn't realize we've been on their books for >4 years!).

We courted Kaseya and LabTech and ended up going with LabTech. It was a GREAT decision. Yes, there's been adjustments/learning experiences in getting the system in place but we are VERY happy with the additional services we are providing customers and so much of it is automated.

Yes, N-Central did greatly enhance our MSP game 5 years ago but I think there are more cost effective products that provide more services for an MSP on the market today.
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2 results - showing 1 - 2