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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 3019
Solid tools, unbearable sales process and a good bit overpriced.
I would buy N-able tomorrow if two things happened.

1. I could just buy the product without so going through such an unbearable sales process.
2. Even if it cost more than GFI, Centrastage and others it at least did the same thing buy only charging for agents I used and did not tie me into incredible ancient contracts.

I like the feature set and it overall abilities, but while the sales guy was likable in a friendly sense, his approach was off the mark and not in tune with our needs.

Again, I would pay more for something with more features/bells and whistles, but these overly complicated/tie you up for life contracts are going extinct as the volume GFI and others have shown.

Come on Solarwinds, get your N-Able house in order, I want to buy and you just have to sell it based on usage.

Right now most interesting option on the radar is Autotask purchase of Centrastage. Solid platform and seeing what Autotask has done with their new UI and plans to integrate Centrastage looks to make my investment in Autotask even more interesting in the near future.
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