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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 2539
Unbelievable impact on my business. Been a partner for 3 years and haven't looked back.

I am currently on the beta version of 8.2 and the new direct connect remote control feature is a game changer. When the sales rep first sold me on the essentials strategy I was slightly hesitant because I didn't feel that it fit into my existing RMM model that I had build around Kaseya. I took a long hard look at my customer based and realized that there was tremendous ooppourtunity within my T&M clustomers that I wasn't taking advantage of. I mandated that all my clients get on at least my essentials program so that I could consolidate all my customers into my dashboard. I had to fire a couple of clients but the end result had a huge payoff. All my clients are in my dashboard and I'm activly flipping essential clients onto fully managed programs. THE STRATEGY ACTUALLY WORKS!! I didn't have any means of achieving this with Kaseya without pricing my customers out...

Have I had any issues with the platform? yes there have been a few hick-ups along the way but their tech support has been curteous and quick to respond anytime I run into an issue. Still waiting for third party patching but all in all I would recommend N-able to anyone who is serious about becoming an MSP and wants a longterm platform that will support their business as it grows. Hope this helps! good luck
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