MSP or Fail

MSP or Fail


MSP or Fail is a book about getting into the managed services field. The title was picked because both authors feel that if you own a computer repair business and are not doing managed services then there is a good possibility down the road that you could actually fail.

Technology is ever changing and with that it’s imperative that your business model changes with it. Businesses are growing at a rapid pace and those are going to be the customers of the future. The typical home user is not going to be spending money to do upgrades and repairs when they can purchase new at similar prices.

With the book comes access to not only the eBook but also a downloads section where you can obtain:

  • 42 Question Checklist
  • Capabilities Letter(s)
  • Managed Services Contract(s)
  • Past Performance Document
  • Engagement Form
  • Example SLA


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