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Good training
We have been to two of the MSPU Boot Camps and are a Premium Partner. We find value from our membership and the training.

The training is designed for Managed Service Providers with upwards of $4 million a year in revenue that support clients over 20 seats. We are not in that class yet so some of the training on sales doesn't quite apply.
We have also found that the boot camps are very vendor heavy in the training areas - I understand that the vendors keep the event free so I cannot complain too much, but we do get a lot of vendor calls after the event we could do without.

For a new partner, I would suggest the $79/month to join one of the 4 program areas and then seeing if MSPU is worth it to you. They also stream their boot camps live and free so you can check them out before spending money on gas and a hotel. We have not purchased any of their extras like web site or marketing packages so I cannot comment on them.

Overall, the web based training, the web site content, the peer groups, and the boot camps have been worth it. For a brand new MSP just starting out I would suggest looking at Robin Robins and Gary Pica (TruMethods) as complements and not rely 100% on MSPU to make your first million.
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