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Execute Around your highest priorities. Challenges: It is very hard to focus on several goals in a changing, growing MSP company in an uncertain, volatile environment, either for teams or individuals. Who knows what the priority is right now? Who knows whether we are winning or losing? On the surface the following symptoms may be present: slow response to client needs, missing SLAs, projects out of budget, nobody is responsible, neverending internal projects, highly utilized management team even 10-12+ hours a day, slow product, service developments, missing time sheets, debates on who to blame, undisciplined administration of the work. These are the typical execution problems, because a growing company could very easily outgrow their execution capabilities. The root of the problem is lack of focus and accountability, which could cause several other further problems like declining moral, responsibility, profitability and increasing regulations, rules, policies, costs. And we do not like them at all. So the goal is to have sharp focus and personal accountability. Yes... and doing it all wit

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