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Excellent Platform, Nice Features, Horrible Support
We have been in selling some form of online backup for years and have tried many vendors in that time. We operate as an MSP focused soley on the SMB segment.

Many of our clients have no central servers and are very cost sensitive. They also have a weaker tolerance for downtime since many of the owners are heavily engage in growing their business.

For the last year we have been using Egnyte on a trial basis, they offer a really amazing product, beautiful interface, and many advanced features. The problem is they have in many critical areas failed to deliver a product that works in the SMB environment as a pure cloud storage server. I will post a review of them one I get them added to this site as a vendor.

We had several clients who were really getting upset with Egnyte problems, and we were forced once again to find a replacement.

Livedrive is a really great product, it covers all the bases for todays modern business owner. For the reseller, several options are available including a white-label option.

Support IS lacking, but luckily for us we have had almost no need to call them, the issues we did have I found answers to online and reseller support did eventually get back to me. They recently upgraded their support site and I see some progress on the development side as well.

In our testing and client trials, the speed is amazing. As a point, I just sent a 200 MB exe file to our cloud drive in less than 7 mins, downloads were pushing 300k down.

Livedrive is worth a look and consideration if you are looking to add remote backup and access to your current portfolio.
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