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No contract
We couldn't use the product much because of its limited ability to monitor linux machines. Since it monitors via snmp, you need to build your own using OID's but sometimes it doesn't work. It is pretty decent for windows environments I guess, but most of our clients run Linux. A word of caution though- do not get locked into a long term contract. We did and we regret it. Overall support is ok, but we ran into issues with the db syncs since we operate out of India and there was some latency in updates etc. But that was a while back. Maybe it is resolved now.
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We've used all of the major tools (LPI, Zenith, Kaseya, N-Able) - we loved the no-nonsense interface of Level Platforms, but the agentless model does not work in real life. Slow to notify when machines go down, limited monitoring ability, misses network devices if you don't go in and configure each individual workstation as necessary to allow probing via WMI. Look towards agent-based technologies if you're doing this as more than a hobby.
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2 results - showing 1 - 2