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jack of all traits, master of none.
Maitaining DM's (Device Managers) on each device is a huge hassle. Agent monitoring is a sign that monitoring is the least of your problems. While you can install an OM (Onsite Manager) to a workgroup it really doesnt help much since your security policies will need to be configured at every device directly anyway.

Maintaining OM's (Onsite Managers, i.e. "almost agent-less") is much easier but the OM has its own nuances. First is that you should not install the OM to a domain controller because the OM uses an SQL Express install for its own local database. SQL on a DC is a no-no, and will not pass the MBSA scan available for reporting within Managed Workplace. So you need two servers to run this product in a domain because the OM should be installed to an application server.

Next issue, which really is the first issue for any implementation, is that I frequently see offices have a single network for their managed and unmanaged (personal) and guest devices. The OM will go bananas as staff and guests connect up on the network, recognizing new devices and wasting all your day chasing down these alerts. On the other hand, sometimes clients may add a new device without mention so you cannot just ignore these alerts.

SNMP monitoring is not that bad in Managed Workplace, especially if you can easily locate the MIB's from the vendor for download, but this is not the kind of monitoring that a novice can configure reliably. Note that SNMP is a well-known security risk among the IT community, chiefly because it lacked encryption until SNMPv3, and not all devices have adopted v3. Community strings (the equivalent of a password) in v1 and v2 are transmitted in plain text! Depending on the level of access given to the community string, devices could literally be hijacked.

So with a proper network broken out into vLANS with isolation on your monitored network, a domain controller and an application server, this product might work well. At that amount of money, there are a lot of options for monitoring, some quite a bit more advanced. In an Isolated network I could name a few you could buy outright for substantially less with much better dashboards, default monitoring packs and control overall.

My overall opinion is this product is like a odd sized shoe. Its not sufficient for large operations but too much for small ones. Dollar for dollar not a great value, IMO.

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Not sure where all of the positive comments come from, but I have found both the agentless and agent managed workplace offerings to be abysmal. Real poor at generating useful alerts and full of false alerts. After working with Zenith, Kaseya and Labtech, I can honestly say that this is not in the same league as thos products both in terms of reliability or functionality.
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Disappointing Product
We were with Level Platforms for almost 5 years after being with N-able in the early days. We were quite patient with LP over the years, recognizing that that the industry was still in its infancy but the amount of time we spent just maintaining the LP System Centre was so enormous that it ate so much into any return we would have hoped to make from our clients.
We had many repeated real world situations where client machines would go down or run out of disk space etc. without ANY alert being generated from the Level Platforms system. There was always an excuse for why the system didn't perform as expected but I think that for the cost we should get a service that just works.
We lost the confidence of our clients in the system so much so that we had to change the way we offered our Managed Service.
The industry is maturing and you would be better served finding a partner that has a better product that is more competitively priced.
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3 results - showing 1 - 3