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Level Platforms - Couldn't Ask for a Better Partner
I believe we took our first look at Level Platforms Managed Workplace back in 2005 (version 2, maybe 3). Alerting was minimal and not many policy modules (called templates back then). Creating custom policies was pretty daunting. There was much to like, but much that confused us so we passed at that time. One year later we made the decision to take another look at the product and were delighted with the improvements in Managed Workplace in just one year. We partnered with LPI and haven’t looked back since. And no reason to look elsewhere.

Back in the mid 80’s I sold an $8,000 software package to manufacturing companies that ran on a $100 Atari computer. It was the graphics of the Atari that we needed for charting. Given we were taking a gaming computer into the business world we knew the only way to succeed was through an extreme commitment to software product development, quality and support. The only company that I have seen in the ensuing years that could even come close to the overall commitment we had, has been Level Platforms. From the newest staff member right on through to the top level execs, Peter Sandiford continues to assemble an exceptional team that shares his every vision and commitment to insuring that Managed Workplace remains the best RMM tool available today… and for tomorrow.

With every new release, major or minor, the new features and functionality continues to amaze us. LPI has always listened to user requests “and complaints”, and improved the product significantly every time. There have been some bumps and frustrations over the years as there is with any product as sophisticated as Managed Workplace, but by and large from each new release would emerge the most solid, stable and feature rich RMM platform available. The agent-less architecture in the beginning is what sold us with Managed Workplace and with the new 2011 Device Manager agent we can monitor servers in remote locations just as though they were sitting in the main office. Our ability to support offsite Laptops changed significantly with the Device Manager and we now have an unbelievable level of monitoring and management for laptops that rarely ever show up on the corporate network.

Windows patches… ho hum. A couple of clicks and presto the entire fleet is patched. Tired of those almost daily Adobe and Java critical updates. Third party patching introduced in 2011 has made this task effortless and completely automated. The scripting engine is awesome! There is not much you can’t do with the new scripting engine. LPI even automates the process of updating itself as new versions are released. Help desk access right to the desktop is available through a variety of included and available third party products. There is also an option to access workstations behind the user’s desktop, without interrupting the productivity of the user. If ever you needed to collaborate or bounce an idea off a peer, the partner forum is the place to go. Unparalled participation is what you receive. The sharing of ideas, processes, procedures, and custom policies is unlike any other forum I’ve encountered. Postings are answered almost immediately and normally by several peers as well as LPI moderators. A true partner community.

If you want to razzle-dazzle a prospective client with the results of your free network assessment just print out the hardware and software asset detail reports (two sided of course) and hand it to your prospect. Caution, you should purchase stock in a paper company before printing the reports. Toss in Server Health and Patch Status reports and new prospects as well as established clients will be overwhelmed with how deep your view is into their network. The breadth of information collected about every device on the network will overwhelm even your most challenging prospect. For those times when we encounter a unusual problem and need to contact tech support, well what can I say that the others haven’t already said. They really are the best in the business. The only bad experiences I’ve had with Level support is when I embarrass myself by doing something stupid and they have to bail me out. Yes, there were a few things over the years that was their fault, but support calls were answered quickly by a knowledgeable tech and remediation was swift.

My partnership with Level Platforms has always been nothing short of spectacular at every level. The partnership is real. The commitment to excellence is real. It begins with the Managed Workplace product and continues through development, support, marketing assistance, ongoing training, partner forums, user conference, road shows, and our very own dedicated partner development manager. A partnership with Level Platforms is designed to insure that every LPI partner succeeds.
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