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LPI 2011 Makes Me Money!
Level Platforms Managed Workplace 2011 is just awesome. I agree with Todd and STF's comments below. I have the advantage of using the current product in production for 3 months now and I can tell you it has gotten better.

We have been around 7 years and and an MSP for two. In that time we burned through HoundDog, GFI Max, and Zenith for RMM Tools. When we found LPI 2010 we thought things were good.
Then they came out with Managed Workplace 2011. 2011 is everything we need in an RMM tool. It does all the stuff you'd require in an RMM: pull software inventory, pull hardware inventory, Windows event log alerting, excellent SNMP alerting, great reporting, and PSA integration.

The 2011 version of LPI Managed Workplace combines the agent-less model of network scanning with an agent to give you the best of both worlds. You can now choose how you want to monitor. We prefer to use the classic agent-less scanning for the network and agents on portable computers and non-domain workstations. All of this information comes back to us and an Autotask ticket is created as needed.

We love the pricing and ease of setup. Rather than buy $20k worth of agents and hope we can use them LPI charges us by site. I can monitor a 15 device site for $29 and larger sites for a few bucks more. When a new device is added it costs me nothing - I just drop a pre-configured Policy Module onto the device and I am done. In less than 1 minute I can be monitoring and alerting on a Small Business Server! My bill only goes up only when I add a new site. They allow you to install for free for a couple months on a prospect to try and get the business. They also give you a free license to monitor your own equipment. Policy Modules for every OS and most hardware are included in the box - if one is missing you can easily write your own or LPI will make it for you.

I did ding them a little bit on rating the ease of setup as Zenith and GFI Max being SAAS are easier in initial setup. We use the on-premise server version of LPI, but LPI does offer a hosted version. We found with Zenith, though, that after setup it was cumbersome and time consuming to much more than basic alerting and monitoring. LPI is much, much easier to configure and customize.

Updates are awesome. Updating your server is as simple as running the updated software and agents are updated via click on your Service Center console.

Support is stellar. They have always been very helpful, knowledgeable, and wonderful to deal with. Support is North American based and is available via e-mail or telephone. There is also a Partner forum. When I call in my call has always been answered by a support person within 60 seconds. The President hands out his cell number and says to call if you ever have an issue with his people - how can you beat that?

Interface: The interface is beautiful and very functional.

Scripting: much improved. It is very easy to write scripts or use one of the 100s in the box.
You can always check the status of scheduled scripts to make sure they ran.

Patch Management: It just works. We only have to approve patches once to patch all clients. With 2011 3rd party patching is included in the box.

Reporting: Reporting is the best I have ever seen. The reports are beautiful and cover everything from executive health reports, to hardware inventory, server status, and software inventories. Every Monday morning at 5 am my clients get an e-mail with their Weekly Executive Health report in PDF format. Monthly they get the server reports and quarterly their asset reports - set it and forget it. If you need more reports you can write them yourself or have LPI do it.

Network Audit Reports
Not only is LPI trying to help you with your existing clients they want to help you get more. Their Partner Development Managers are constantly trying to help you with your business. One thing they released recently are the Network Audit Reports. Patterned after Robin Robins 27 point Problem Prevention Network Audit (and announced at her 2011 Boot Camp) the Network Audit Reports allow you to drop a device on-site and get a complete network audit done in minutes! The reports are very nice and branded with your logo. They have saved us a lot of time and money.

Overall, we are very pleased with LPI Managed Workplace 2011.

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