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LabTech - 2012 = Windows Me of the RMM world!
We have used LabTech since late 2010 in various states. Before ConnectWise got involved they were okay, with a decent little product that could have been a good fate sealer for Kaseya.

However.... Sales figures meant the world, well above and beyond the support infrastructure and rather than managing by capacity, management simply opened the flood gates and swamped their support teams. Panic set in around late 2011 and the management team filled the holes with poorly skilled support staff who can just about string together a subject for a ticket (expect no more than this when you call in, no matter how urgent the problem is).

The 2012 product itself must be providing the debuggers a time of their life. The code is shoddy, framework design terrible and UML must be a new name for a burger and CMMI a side dish in Tampa because these guys seem to have followed absolutely no standard at all. If you find a bug, be ready for an onslaught of design feature, you need to get training, hey have a consulting day and a million other excuses before you either become totally ignored, or the problem disappears into QA for six months (your ticket goes with the problem too, so do not expect to be able to retrieve or comment on it).

This brings me on to the ticketing, which is where ConnectWise should be utterly ashamed of themselves! It seems as though somebody walked into the LabTech offices, turned a server on, installed ConnectWise out of the box and walked back out again. Workflow setup is diabolical and the connectors still to this day have not been setup correctly. Staff have not been trained how to use ConnectWise and the support staff seem to be in a complete spin on how to work with the ticketing. Prey that LabTech do not contact you on a Friday (okay prey that they actually contact you in the first place), or your ticket will auto close over the weekend and…. firstly somebody forgot to click the checkbox to reopen a ticket, and now workflow is missing again as you will never hear from them. Portal based tickets are limited as they hide most departments, thus the QA disappearing ticket black hole etc.

If you scream and shout enough, you may get to speak with management too! These guys sound like they are holding onto the stern of a sinking ship and morale certainly does sound low. They all seem to have been programmed with a standard set of excuses, but in some way they all admit to having grown too fast and lacking infrastructure to support their product. They even try to bring together a team to resolve the problem, but this soon fades away unless you chase like a Doberman, and eventually the management begin the usual process of ignoring with their heads buried firmly in the sand.

Moving on from there, ignite is fantastic, no really it is! It is fantastic because in the utter panic to release it, they forgot a few things.

1) Debugging code is rather important.
2) Documenting the application is quite a good idea if you want a client base to understand and use your product to its full potential.
3) Teach your support and customer services teams the product before you release it.

So, if you are one of the unlucky ones who took on 2012, I feel for you. If you are one of those who then took on Ignite, you have my deepest sympathy!

I could go on about this for weeks to be honest, but I can provide you with one comment to make you think before you commit. On speaking to a very high end consultant @ LabTech, he not only was unsure of many of the features of 2012, but also made a comment stating "2012 was released way too soon".

Personally, I believe that LabTech will be a good product by 2015, but I also have the feeling that 2012 will be a product they will not admit to.
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Get it together!!
Let me tell you one thing right off the bat, don't buy this tool unless you plan on dedicating a full time person to giving it TLC 24/7. It is extremely unstable, and a mess to manage. As a business owner be prepared to pay someone to open tickets with LT support all day and play phone tag with them. Once they actually are able to talk to you on the phone, don't expect the issue to be fixed. It will enter this black hole called QA which recently was re-named to Reported Issues.

LabTech is focusing all it's efforts right now on releasing a extremely ugly UI that even the support department jokes about. Funny thing is, has anyone seen the Reported Issues list? It isn't getting any smaller, just longer and longer.

Automation?! Ha! The system needs to be 90% functional for that to even work right, which is about 50% of the time.

Looking to monitor virtual hardware? Good luck! The VMware monitoring tool hasn't worked in a year, but don't worry they have Hyper-V plugin on the way! Maybe that will take 2 yrs to fix once they release it.

The developers are a joke! They hide behind level 1 support. The manager for this team needs to be canned and they need to hire someone who holds these guys accountable for the crap they release.

LabTech wants to be a Google like company, all fun and games. How about making things work before focusing on the fun? I am sure LabTech is having fun all the way to the bank, while the partners sit stressed out with a broken down car on the side of the road with no parts to fix it for miles and miles. Who is driving this boat? LabTech is a making a ton of $$$ all at the expense of the partner.

Let's hope the recent purchase of ScreenConnect doesn't mean they drag that product into the ground.
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Good Product, but don't call support
I've been with Labtech for almost three years. In fact I've used them since before they were even big enough to make it into the arena of public awareness. There was a day, when, if I had a problem, I emailed Greg, and the next day I would get a new build of the software with the bug fixed. In those days, every time I did something, I found a bug (almost). The cool thing was I didn't mind because I felt that there was a company that stood behind their product, took ownership of issues, and fixed them - in a very timely manner.

I regret to say that the whole company has changed since the infusion of ConnectWise capitol. I can't prove that it is related, and, to be honest, it was going downhill before that too. I guess the disappointing thing is that support hasn't gotten any better since then. Documentation has improved, quality of releases has improved (a lot), but support is completely a joke.

I've had tickets closed that weren't even close to resolved. They take over a week to respond to a ticket, but then close it because you don't provide them some detail of info in the first 72 hours. There escalation process is completely lame. First level solves very little, and is just there to give you the feeling that you are talking to someone who thinks they know what they are doing.

I would actually prefer fewer features, and a company that really, truly stood behind it's product. I would prefer a product that was less "functional", but had a support team that KNEW how to work the features it did have. I'm tired. I'm tired of trying to make it work. I'm tired of spending hours troubleshooting issues that I should never be dealing with. (logo's on reports, anyone?) Last week I spent a solid day just trying to figure out why I had duplicate product keys in my product keys list. I don't have time to do this, Labtech. Give me a product that works, and a company that stands behind it with five star support.

I've invested nearly $10,000 into this system - not much but still significant to me. There are days when I feel like throwing it down the toilet and buying on with somebody that has a support department where I can get on the phone with somebody WHO CAN HELP ME. In fact, support is now my #1 requirement for ANY software product. That's at the top of the list.

Labtech, it's time to decide which game you are playing. And play it well. I don't need a salesman to tell me your support department is in it's final ramp up stage to something awesome. I need an engineer to fix problems (without having to complain to upper level management first!).
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Terrible Support and Customer Service
Had Labtech since 2010. Started with 250 agents license. Increased to 500, 750, then 1000 agents. Paid thousands in yearly assurance/maintenance. But the product still has many issues (mainly performance). After many painful upgrades, the remote access got worst. It took 15 minutes or more to remote to a PC to resolve 2 minute issues. Full of surprises with increasing cost of ownership. Final straw was when they convince me to Pay nearly $7,000 for assurance to upgrade to ScreenConnect and LT10. After purchasing a new server and loaded LT10, they inform me that I need to buy another server for ScreenConnect. Tech support's answer was that 20 minutes was normal for remote connect. Nerver offer to look at our server instance to troubleshoot issues. They disbled our Labtech instance last night, even though we paid and own at least 700 agent licenses. I tried to work with them every step of the way, but this is the last straw. I am considering legal action. They sell you agent licenses, but you don't actually own them.
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Don’t let the flair fool you
I work for a smaller IT company that manages roughly 800 computers. I use the agent every day to connect into client workstations and computers. The connectivity is spotty at best.
We have put in numerous tickets with labtech addressing the speed of connection as well as the inability to connect to client’s computers half of the time. Luckily we have adapted by having a readily available gotoassist account. We had always had this as a backup solution but never had to use it that much until now.
When addressing the issues with the support team at labtech we were told that the agent “doesn’t play well with sonicwall” and that it was “normal for the redirector to take up to 5 minutes to connect to a client’s computer”. My clients don’t have that amount of time.
Some of our clients host websites off of our servers and have been contacting us regularly since the installation of labtech because their site will be down and their server inaccessible. We have logged in and found that the labtech agent was using either all of the ram or all of the cpu in many cases. Restarting the labtech agent would only fix the issue for about 30 minutes and restarting the server would fix it for about a week. We have had to uninstall the agent from hosting environments in order to keep our customers from moving elsewhere.
We had put an emergency ticket in to try to get this issue resolved. Labtech support tried to contact us once during non-business hours the next day and closed the ticket. Apparently they don’t care that their remote management software performs more like malware than a remote management solution.
I miss using Kaseya. It worked every time and didn’t cause any headaches. All of the techs that I work with now spend more time troubleshooting the remote management software than they do managing clients computers.
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Labtech has great potential, unfortunately much of the potential is still locked up or simply very difficult to unlock currently.

The Labtech marketing offer creates so much noise that it may distract from some key elements one should consider before going their way.

1. Patching
Is critical too most and Labtech lacks what is needed to make this a trusted tool

e.g. You will find that you sometimes need to run manual updates before Labtech updates will start working again. This is
probably easy when you have a few end points or it only happens once every few years but...

you will also discover that any 3rd party patching required (Adobe Reader e.g.) will cost you extra OR cost you lots of time and patience to try and develop the scripts etc needed

2. Chop and Change
Labtech started with quite a few backup, AV and related partners but have announced many of these as 'end of life' - continuity builds skill and a smoother experience for you and your clients. As they market a 'vendor neutral or any integration possible product' you should also be aware that there is no guarantee that the you product use/prefer will continue to be supported. If you are operating in environments with slower bandwidth or where the products they push is not as well known you can add all the related problems to your list with these changes.

3. As in previous reviews the support is hit and miss. The one day they will be amazing the next week your control center will be down (ie you are dead in the water) and they will not sort it out within a reasonable time.

4.Update/Release cycle is slow
Labtech 'stagger' a release for various reasons - a downside to this is that fixes for your system may take months and months to be available to you. This means that some functions and or information is non-working and or incorrect.

5. Remote Access/Remote Control
Labtech again has a hit and miss history here - it may work well today and not at all tomorrow. With the latest addition of ScreenConnect this was supposedly addressed but again the integration between the products is only partly done...

6. Billing / Accounting issues
Depending on how you are set up in their system you will get invoiced 'sporadically' during a month - i.e multiple invoices per month on different days each month. You cannot use their self-service' to check statements if you are not set up for US$ billing making recons a challange

7. Pay for breathing
I personally do think they nickel and dime you for everything - you may even get notified that you should buy x hours of 'Consulting' to sort our support related items.

We found that there are a lot of 'hidden' costs related to running Labtech - from the control server needing much more resources to run well to many hours of time needed each month to make sure the system performs as expected.

After running Labtech > 4 years we now know that it is as or more expensive than many of the competitors seems to be if all the hidden costs is taken into consideration

8 Windows Only?
You can load an agent on Linux, Mac (and also mobile devices )- you will pay a full license price for doing so but get very little in return for the investment with updates ( and even some basic information) that requires manual work (or again investing lots of time to create and maintain scripts)

You can work around the above - but do take it into consideration before signing their contract as it will not be pointed out to you by their sales teams and once signed and paid for...

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Not ready for prime time!
I'm a big fan of ConnectWise and when I found out the same folks were running Labtech, I gladly ditched the huge investment we had in N-ABLE and jumped in head first without even looking to see if there was any water in the pool.
I feel pretty stupid now but ConnectWise is hands down the best decision and investment we ever made, so I trusted them without question.
Now we have the "My Office Bundle" with ConnectWise, Labtech and Quosal in the arsenal. To be fair, I will say that my 2 sales/marketing people really like quosal. However, this Labtech thing is a disaster because of the support and really bad customer service.
I tried to set aside some frustration and yes, some anger too, when giving stars in the ratings. However, I can honestly say that the one star I gave to support was only because this venue will not allow me to give zero stars. I would almost rather deal with Verizon then Labtech support.
At this point, I would like to add that I am happy with my account rep. He seems to genuinely care and try to help but I can tell that he is frustrated by Labtech support as well.
We are sitting here trying to figure out how we can keep the monitoring commitments we have made to our clients when our monitoring platform has been down for a week. A WEEK! I realize now that I have stupidly put all my eggs in one basket and these guys pretty much own me so they can do whatever they want; we have no choice right now but to take it.
I'm going to give one more example of how things work at Labtech: When a support ticket is closed (even if the issue hasn't been resolved), you are sent an invitation to complete an online survey about the experience. At the end of the survey there is a note from "Bill MacDonald, Manager, Global client Services", that says: "If you have any specific questions, concerns, or simply would like to discuss your experience, please feel free to contact me anytime". His signature panel goes on to list "Direct: 813-397-4536" which is a disconnected number! If you call the main number, you will have to leave a message but don't bother, because he doesn't return his phone calls.
What I'm trying to say is don't make the same mistake we did. Stay away from Labtech, far away!
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Extremely Disappointed
Do not purchase - do not buy into the hype. It is a very new product that needs a LOT of work.
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Awesome Product - Terrible Support
Labtech is a pretty amazing product - but the support is worse than horrible.

I can honestly say that 100.0 % of the tickets that I have submitted in the last year have not been answered in the first submission. What usually happens is one of a couple of scenarios: either the ticket is ignored totally requiring me to open multiple tickets for the same issue or the ticket is closed without a solution. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have to BEG for support. My favorite is that they will direct you to their forums for support … and then close the ticket… or offer you a solution that you have already tried and you told them that you tried this in excruciating detail in the ticket… they don’t read the ticket and are utterly unhelpful until you scream at them and actually get someone on the phone. This usually takes about a week or so… if at all.

Why am I paying for support then?

We just went through the upgrade from 2011.1 to 2011.2 and had some pretty heavy issues and errors. We now see approximately once per day that every monitored device will go into an error state for a few minutes and then report in again as being back online. Let me tell you that that will get your attention. The other thing that we see is that the agent will just shut down for no apparent reason. This will cause a server-down alert and also block your access to the server unless you have an alternative path for management.

I have to say that the vision of this product is pretty spectacular – but it isn’t ready for primetime just yet. I have reached out to LabTech many many times and I get the canned response that we have just added (fill in the blank here) resources and we are getting better blah blah blah… the truth is that they will not support you without your persistent chasing and hounding them for a solution.

If you are fluent in SQL and scripting you may be able to survive without the support – in which case I would say go for it. But if you are like the rest of us slobs trying to be a solution provider to customers in the SMB space and you don’t have a staff of 20 people you may want to look at some of the other solutions out there.

The RMM space has expanded substantially in the last couple of years, and while no tool will be all things to all folks, I would strongly recommend that you take a long hard look at the support that is available behind the product and not just the feature list of the product.

I can say that I have partnered with several MSPs and we all use LabTech and we are all experiencing the same issues – we are begging LabTech to step up and support the product. Stop giving us hollow promises that you will do better in the future. Lost the cocky attitude and answer our phone calls. Stop adding features to the feature list and start supporting the product that you have today.
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Don't do it!!!
Not a fan of this product, I moved from Kaseya to LabTech 2 years ago, and we have had nothing but crappy performance. We have about 1100 workstations and 175 servers and we have had to rebuild our server 4 times and still we have issues and are not able to move to the new server. LabTech support has been bad, and they want to charge me every time we have an issue.
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Support is a joke
We are a 10-year old MSP. We used LT for about two years before throwing in the towel. Support took months to get our problems resolved, if ever. We spent more time managing our RMM than we did managing some of our clients. If you choose LT, be ready to have a full-time person dedicated to managing the product.
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Bad service - let down at the first hurdle.
I'd second what Mark is saying.. I've read some reviews and had concerns about support while reviewing the product. I sort of ignored these as you obviously get competing firms bad-mouthing each other.

Anyway, I've had an engineer evaluating Labtech and I've been pulled in a couple of times. The level of service from the sales guy we've been dealing with is like nothing I've ever experienced, i.e. cocky, bad-attitude, failing to come back when promised (a couple of times), dismissive, avoiding important functionality questions.

This is the first time I've ever felt the need to comment about a company... I've never, ever seen this behaviour at a sales level. I wouldn't like to think what the support service is like.
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Could be good if the company was run better
I have been using Continuum/Zenith for years and had heard a lot about LabTech since ConnectWise invested in them. I tried LabTech in 2010 and found that it had a very steep learning curve to it. Wanting to see if the ConnectWise investment had paid off I looked at them again in May of this year, also hoping to lower my overall management costs. Unfortunately, while the surface looks better, the product is still not a viable alternative. To top it off, billing and customer service may as well be on two different planets.

First, the technical aspects. LabTech tried to create this Ignite portion which starts monitoring certain aspects of Windows systems out the gate, similar to what Continuum does. In the first few days, I had over 200 alerts for one client who also had Continuum installed (three alerts generated). After speaking with some people about the amount of noise being generated, I paid extra (still during my implementation) to have training on how to quiet that down a little. LabTech does an awful job of making things intuitive; all they talk about is groups, alerts, actions, etc. but have no real documentation explaining how things work clearly. Instead, they always offer to sell you more time for training. Continuum maybe expensive, but they don't charge me to teach me how to use their system.

Now the customer service and billing. They have a money-back guarantee, but I just found out after trying to cancel my services with them since June, that it only applies if you go through all of the training processes and programs with them. Odd, since I was paying extra for training, I felt like I was done, but because I wanted my money back, their records showed differently. Now, I am out the money I put into this software and went through four months of frustration and stress to get to this.

I don't care if LabTech figures out how to dispatch a robot to hook up printers and mice on demand, I will never look to this solution again. Between the amount of effort and time you have to put into the software to make it work, and the incredibly poor customer service, I would rather spend 10x more for another solution.
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Honest reviews?
Im currently looking for an MSP / PSA /RRM and i continually find it odd, that labtechsoft gets such a plug and other MSP's are degraded online, i get the feeling there are some employee's of labtechsoft rubbishing other products because i cant seem to find many reviews of other products which don’t instantly say afterwards..

"but we tried labtechsoft and they are super human"

I think any MSP implementation initially is going to be a headache, but if you're going to write an honest review you surely wouldn’t instantly plug another product after you have just dropped 25k? I want to point this out I have no affiliation with ANY MSP, im a customer looking for an MSP without a STUPID pricing model. Why should I have to negotiate to get a price for an MSP? I just want a dam price not some “you may get ripped off if you don’t haggle” approach! It leaves me with a sour taste before ive even had the chance to look at the product. I have looked at labtech's reporting tools and they are hopeless, i have looked at n-able's pricing and i can't figure out why the hell they say a price and when you get the contract it shows more? Because of xyz they didn’t explain clearly when doing the sales pitch. Kaseya seem to have a bad rep but they also have more users because they have been in the market the longest, and as we all know in IT you only hear about it when it goes wrong.

What im saying to you is be wary of all the positive hype people say about labtech, i strongly get the feeling its employee's not honest reviews, if it was honest why don’t people mention how ugly the GUI is, or compared to n-able how average the reporting tools are??

N-able to me seems to be the better product and their support seems WAY better than labtech soft which leaves me weighing up the cost because they for us are an extra 12,000 than labtech? Not to mention ongoing?, but N-able lacks 2 features which labtechsoft have 1. a desktop ticketing system 2. history logger.

N-Able is quite pushy in their sales which i dislike, but they seem eager to give support which is important when dealing with a product like this. I feel labtech support is average, even speaking to a sales and asking to speak to a tech regarding technical issues, has turned out to be hard, i have asked several times to speak to a tech and i havent spoken to one yet, i just get a sales person full of promises with minimal information about technical aspects.

I think its interesting Connect wise has bought into labtech and nod32 is also partnered or looking to with labtech because both have good established companies.

So I’m lost in decisions but it’s important for an honest opinion than these BS reviews.
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Good product - Horrendous customer support - STAY AWAY
I very strongly recommend staying away from LabTech primarily due to poor management and customer service.

We switched from Kasaya about two years ago. It is a powerful tool, but it takes quite a bit of time to make it do what you want. As long as you are willing and able to spend some time with configuration, customization, and scripting- the product is quite good. They also seem to be doing good things on the development side. New features, scripts, and plugins are useful. The one caveat is there 'Marketplace', the system used for deploying scripts, reports, and plugins. The Marketplace has virtually no information about the update other than it's title and publish date. It seems to be a work in progress that hasn't really progressed.

As good as I think the program is, I am looking to move to another system. We had an issue with the ShadowProtect licenses that we purchased with LT that required resetting the license key. I admit that we caused the initial issue by not properly deactivating the SP license before removing/replacing several servers. But the response has been completely unacceptable. On June 6th I emailed LT asking to have the license key reset. It is now October and it is a continuing nightmare. My account rep has stopped returning my emails and the support staff takes over a week to respond. When they do they either ask for something I have already given them, point the finger at someone else, say it is being escalated, or act as if no ticket ever existed. There is no way to contact anyone in upper management. I even got a business card from a couple of their management staff at a conference, but when I tried contacting them I got a bounceback that one of their email address was invalid and the other guy just ignored me.

I finally got to the point where I revoked my authorization for auto-pay and said I was withholding payment until my issue was resolved. That got the attention of someone in billing, but that was also a dead end. I tried contacting StorageCraft, but they said that I could only deal with Labtech.

I guess LabTech feels that once you are integrated with them and ConnectWise it would be such as huge mess to migrate away that they can treat their clients like crap and they will just roll over and take it. It will be a huge expense and hassle to move away and I will probably end up paying more for another RM tool, but I can't continue on like this. I have not had much of an issue with ConnectWise that would require dealing with customer service. However, now that they are basically run together, I worry that I would have a similar experience with CW. Now I face the nightmare of replacing both.

Stay Away!
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Great Product, Horrible support!!!
This product rocks!! So much you can do with it. A whole community exists for people looking to really make this product do everything for them, so many customizations out there. Coming from using Kaseya & Managed Engine this product far surpasses both....BUT wait.....!!

The support you get from Labtech's standard support is a joke. They offer a variety of methods to open a ticket with them them phone, email or chat. All basically lead to you getting a dispatcher. Average response time? 4-6hrs at best. The L1 guys are truly L1 guys, always double confirm any answer you get from one guy because it could be completely different. I have yelled at just about everyone there in regards to this issue, account managers, sales rep, customer care, support manager. They all listen but no one actually does anything to fix this! If they dont do something about the support I see this as the demise of this company. I myself have resorted to using a 3rd party consultant who can answer any question thrown at him. He knows more than most trainers!

Labtech recently started offering a Premier support option which to me is a total sham! They basically push you into paying extra for Premier support because basic support is useless. Remember if you choose to base your business off of this product look into a valuable support resource because Labtech is NOT it!!!
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Stay Away

A bug called Labtech.

You can open 100 tickets ( and believe me , you do it ) and 99 have no solutions, really.

They say always "An issue of this type will typically be resolved in an upcoming patch release or marketplace update. Please be advised that our typical resolution time for a reported issue is 90-120 days."

So, wait months for a solution.

You want a stable tool to connect remotely? buy an option

You install the last version of a "great" out of the box tool? you receive 3000 mails every single day.

You need a specific report ? there is a bug, sorry.

There are better products, less function, but stable.
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Nice features but has bugs
Unfortunately there isn't a "quality control" rating. If Labtech has a weak point it is in testing and quality control, IMHO. Support is responsive, but we have been told on numerous occasions that a particular issue is fixed in a maintenance release beta, but after installing it, we have to reopen those tickets because it's not fixed. In version 2.5 several scripts didn't work out of the box, and as I recall ones for things like Java (v6 update 8? was included) didn't work with the current Java 6 updates 15 and above.

We upgraded several 2.5 releases without issue, but after upgrading to version 2010 we discovered that several of the built in scripts don't work, since they reference groups that don't exist in non-clean installations of 2010. There was a logic error in the "automatically restart a stopped service" script that opened a ticket saying the service had not started if the service HAD in fact started (and it couldn't be corrected/saved because a group name it referenced didn't exist). For the 2010 installer there is a checkbox on the installer to reset the "theme" for the web site to the default. It does that even if the checkbox is unchecked. The Blacklisted Application alert will flag an application and immediately send another alert that the app was removed. Monitoring for the LTBackup program (ShadowProtect) regularly sends false "backup failed" alerts and Labtech shows incorrect schedule information in the computer's view. If anyone is intending to allow a client's IT staff to log in to use VNC, say, note that the Messages and Monitors windows allow all users to view a list of all client names, and the PC names at those clients. The Exchange Server and Exchange Server 2007 searches use the same test so show the same results (instead of differentiating versions).

You get the idea...there seem like a lot of little issues that would have been easily found and resolved with a basic level of testing.
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No support.
We have used the product for over 2 years now. Every time they come out with an update and we install it, we have nothing but errors. In some cases the update broke the server. Last update 2 weeks ago was installed and we Re still waiting for resolution to all the errors it created. Support has been nonexistent
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Labtech Cloud offering
First I have to say initially the product was something I desired, love the total control of the entire solution.
As a single guy shop desiring a solution that will do what it preaches this solution is full of frustration as the tickets from ignite come in with no light at the end of the tunnel. 400 plus tickets/emails a day is worthless.

IMHO No solution should make the administrator numb to alerts. This product surly does this well.
Ignite is quoted to only be enabled one company at a time so that you can fix the tickets that come in, Im sorry but even that didn't help.

Further support on this matter is also worthless, they have continued to ignore my requests to help trim the fat.
Super frustrated with this solution.
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Good if you don't manage/monitor Switches/Routers
Great for managing workstations/servers. HORRIBLE for managing Switches/Routers and other SNMP managable devices. The network probe used for these features is a joke. The problem is the sales people told us that it would do all the things we had in our old product (WhatsUp Gold) yet it didn't. I'm only referring to the switch/router management/monitoring portion. The rest is good.
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My different experiences with Labtech
When I first started using LT, I was working for a small computer repair shop. We had been founded on a break/fix model for support. We attempted to transition into the MSP world by using Kaseya. As our experience with Kaseya grew, we soon realized that some of the features, options, and performance were lacking. We were further discouraged from it by the lack of response from support and painfully slow development of the product. After a number of recommendations from colleagues, we tried Labtech. I was put in charge of provisioning a new server for use with Labtech and transitioning away from Kaseya. With guidance from LT support, the install was straightforward and issue free. Over the next couple years, we signed on a few MSP clients and found the automation of maintenance tasks alone, were invaluable. In these “Early LT” years, my learning curve for LT was steep. Documentation for the product at this time was minimal and often outdated. Thankfully the support staff was not. They often guided me thru configurations, customizations, and best practice philosophies. If a solution was not immediately known for an issue, it was always persistently researched until the solution was found. Although we had built a solid MSP framework using LT, we were never able to fully transition to a pure MSP model for several unrelated reasons.
I am now the sole IT Manager for a local construction company with approximately 96 workstations and 4 servers under my administration. Almost half of the client machines are scattered around NY and PA at various job sites. Shortly after I was hired, It became quickly obvious to me, that keeping an accurate inventory, up-to date patching, remote support, and error alerting was going to be a near impossibility to do long hand (i.e. spreadsheets, Access databases, RDP). After looking at a number of RMM tools and Remote Access tool sets, I was able to convince my employers that Labtech would be an incredible asset and easily pay for itself in time savings for support alone. I contacted my old LT sales rep and was quickly setup with my own Web Hosted Ignite LT server. After having built and maintained my own LT server, I was very pleased to have a hosted solution (one less thing to worry about). I was excited to see all the new features of the LT Ignite product. Right from the start the framework of best practices, common management scripts, groups, schedules, templates, and alerts made start-up a breeze. Even though, I ended up disabling a number of its canned features, that didn’t pertain to my single company (client) scenario, it was much quicker than building the tools I do use from scratch. I would have loved to have had Ignite back in my MSP days. Each month I enjoy running a tech report just to see the time savings that LT has provided me in everyday maintenance. It continues to pay for itself, just by running maintenance alone. By automating these mundane tasks and having update to date client/server information, LT allows me to concentrate on developing and deploying technology to keep my company ahead of its competition.
As, my experience with LT continues to grow, I still able to rely on support to assist with customizations or questions I have regarding the product. I get to experience new feature sets and add-ons that get automatically applied to my cloud server by LT support when released. I regularly attend their free support webinars that I find helpful. Although I find my LT experience an unusual one, first as an employee of a repair facility migrating to a MSP, then as a Manager of a single group of workstations and servers, I have seen firsthand the value of owning/using such an RMM tool. I don’t believe there is a perfect RMM tool for everyone, but what sets LT apart from the others is they strive to be. Keep up the good work Labtech!
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2011 – Looking back on a hyper growth year in the UK (Labtech-fuelled)
This year our company was fortunate enough to undergo strong growth, picking up new clients, improving our services for existing clients and tightening up lots of internal processes. Revenue grew steadily but more importantly, profit grew further - we are all really looking forward to 2012. We are based in London (UK), employ fourteen staff and serve fifty demanding clients in Central London and around the world.

I have used RMM tools since 1999, when I was at the wrong end of an enterprise rollout of HP OpenView across a 5,000 user network (not pretty). Since then, I’ve worked with Kaseya and N-Able as well as several of the lower end monitoring products with several service providers.

At the start of this year, as fully engaged ConnectWisers, we took the strategic decision to migrate to Labtech. Of course, we had resistance from our technical team who had got used to doing their jobs with Kaseya and had completed the upgrade to K2. So, why did we change and how did it go?

We knew Labtech’s pricing was competitive and had been tracking this for several months. We visited service providers already using Labtech to see how they were getting on and what the toolset could (and could not) do. We listed our business priorities and how the tools would support these. We checked these assumptions with peers. This collaboration made easier by communities like ConnectWise User Groups and HTG. We sought buy-in across our company to ensure focus and momentum. Finance were happy when they saw the difference between Kaseya and Labtech over five years… The smart technical guys picked it up quickly and loved it.

The sales approach was low key, informed and flexible. I am not keen on discounting but we did get a very good deal. Our sales contact worked into the deal elements to help us run the product (online backup to Doyenz for example) and explore further capabilities (LT backup).

For implementation and rollout we used a low-risk, incremental approach to minimise impact. This followed training (online) via sessions with the Labtech technical team. The logic behind the product is complex and flexible – that’s the dilemma I think for some teams. You can do a lot with lateral, creative thinking and a sensible testing approach. However, if you dive in, you get lost quickly and can make mistakes. One or two of our techs did this, disappeared into scripts, groups and searches and needed their colleagues and a trail of breadcrumbs to get back on track. Labtech can of course help, but your own application of logic is key.

Labtech is clearly focussed on the MSP market – there are lots of little tricks in the product. Think right-click-time-saver. Techs love this and the approach of course relates to the Nemsys origin of some key staff.

In general, if you think like they do things will be easier (like ConnectWise). Don’t try to shoehorn existing processes which may not be that robust/logical anyway (be honest) into the application.

Having been to Automation Nation 2011 and met the leadership team, I strongly believe Labtech is committed to serving our market to a very high standard. They have a great product and a creative, compelling vision. Sure, the GUI looks dated in some areas, but this is not a serious criteria when assessing a tool with this level of impact. This toolset - when engaged with, researched, understood, shared and enhanced with peers - is one of the most powerful drivers of capability, profit and free time you will ever own.
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Very deep and getting better all the time
We've been quite pleased with LabTech as our RMM tool. It does have a rather steep learning curve, which I found out once I was assigned the task of managing LT for our clients, but as long as you have the resources to throw at getting it running how you like then you will get to where you want to get with LabTech. It's a very deep system, so it's to be expected that it's going to take some time to get familiar with it. Once you get the hang of moving your way around the control panel and configuring the monitors and various other modules of LT it gets quite easy to work with and allows for tons of custom scripting and automation. The integration with Connectwise has been for the most part seamless, and the Ignite pack that was available with the 2012 release gave me a good start on getting our automation and monitoring up and running quickly.

My experience with their support has been very good, especially as of late. The engineers that I have worked with have been knowledgable and extremely helpful, going above and beyond my expectations with many of my service requests. I recently had some questions regarding patch management, and the engineer that I worked with took quite a bit of extra time to help me with not only the specific questions that I had, but also provided best practice information and walked me through the setup for alot of other scenarios that I hadn't even thought of. Response times for service requests has also been consistent, with a 1 or 2 day resolution being pretty normal.

Again, we have been very happy with LT thus far, and in our observations we've seen the company striving to make the product better all the time.
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Training Leaves Something to Be Desired
We have been using LabTech for a few months now. So far, we have been very impressed with the increased functionality of this product compared to our last RMM. It has allowed us to manage many facets of our clients' systems that we were previously unable to. However, our experience with training and support has been severely underpar.

We spent the first hours in our training block walking through very scripted sessions. Anything that one would learn in these sessions could be self-taught or viewed in the online videos and documentation. Anytime we tried to drill down to specific configurations we would like to implement for a client, the training representative engaged in dodgy conversation until they could return to their script. Most of the time the sessions ended in several questions that the representative would "get back to us" on. This promise was rarely fulfilled.

We quickly realized we were wasting our training block on these sessions and switched to consultation. We were promised that these sessions would tailor to our specific needs and our list of questions would be answered. However, the consultation sessions were handled in the exact same way as the general training sessions. Our specific questions were answered vaguely or with a "I'll have to check on that for you."

Seeking support has also proved a futile endeavor. On several occasions we had already figured out the solution before we had any response that was moving us in the right direction. It is unfortunate that contacting support is viewed as a last resort in our organization.

As a small managed service provider we rely on our RMM to help us configure our monitors and support us with haste whenever we have issues. We simply do not have the time to run our business and essentially invent our own RMM tool.

That being said, the more we learn about the product the more we are satisfied with its capabilities. We just wish LabTech had been more helpful with configuration, support, and maintaining the SLAs we promised to our clients while using our previous RMM tool.
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Want to love it but.......
I am actively looking for an RMM solution. I've read many many reviews of LT. The way i read it is the product is on a whole deep and detailed but is flawed with poor support and promise after promise that this will be resolved. It seems (if you read the dates of posts complaining about the support problem) that the support issue is never resolved.

Get this, (this is a joke I'm afraid) i talk to sales, i ask a bunch of questions - sales guy cant answer them so tells me he will set-up a conference call so we can go through my list of pre sales questions - we agree on a time for the LT techs and him to call me...... call never comes and yes my phone is/was working because i checked just in case ( now its far fetched my phone would suddenly go down but hey i decided to give the LT guys the benefit of the doubt - i had several people phone in to make sure all was well).

So reading all these poor support issues that keep on coming and the fact sales cant be bothered to honour an agreement on a tech phone call.... I'll pass thanks. Does not mattter how much *potential* a product has, if it is not supported we will be in trouble sooner or later...why should i drop 20K to get poor service? Going to check out N-Able now

Move on folks...nothing to see here.......
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Software and support has much to be desired
The one thing I like is that we can interact with the database to make queries, import our own data and even customize some of the functionalities. There is much to be desired. All the modules are set up in sort of an ad-hoc fashion. There are several forms of security and to achieve the security you want means taking away much of the choices and functionailities to achieve any security at all. It is very complicated to achieve desired results for items such as no upgrades for older versions of IE. Simple features such as spreading out the execution of the same script over a larger time frame had to be done by us since LabTech Support had no idea on how to do this. We have been telling their support that their network probe does not work for 2 years and they have finally started taking this seriously as we had to demonstrate this to them with our own equipment and allow them to practice on our equipment to diagnose. Many requests that fall into the support guidelines are immediately sent back ans Out of Scope for support. One example is a general information request. We had to customize our own virus scan definitions for a major antivirus application. When we provided them with the definitions that would work, they changed them and now they do not work. We are stuck with deleting theirs and re-installing ours every time we do an update. Another major anti-virus that they have been supporting with definitions, they refuse to continue to support with their new version. Their are some individuals in support that do a good job and help us promptly, however the management of their support and support philosophy seems seriously flawed.
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LabTech 2013
First off, let me premise my review in that I very seldom rate ANYTHING w top marks, be it on a 5-star or 10-star basis. That said, I've now been w LabTech pre-Ignite, have experienced the "ticket explosion" and some fairly poor support. Yet we've hung in there and have witnessed vast improvements across the board in all areas--especially support. Documentation has also improved significantly.
LabTech is challenging, deep, and powerful. Quite frankly, it's a monster. My company is small and does not have a dedicated LT Master--just a handful of techs that use the system that LT provides to our benefit. The ability to manage systems through "a single pane of glass" keeps LT on our tool list. The integration of 3rd party vendors continues to grow especially where management is concerned (e.g., more than just reporting and stats).
With each upgrade there have been challenges. Once again, remote connectivity via VNC seems to have more problems.
I'd love to see better integration w network appliances w better monitoring and reporting. That would be high on my wish list.
One can look at my ratings with my first sentence in mind. Also consider that we do have to rely on LT Support for a number of issues. It might be summed up best by saying that I'd recommend LabTech to MSP's and internal IT staffs based simply on what we can do with it vs without.
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Easy to use - Nice integration
I've been a user of LabTech for approximately 18 months. It was a big change to get used to the interface, permissions, and the many tabs spread through the system. As far as the value of the product, I'd challenge you to find another RMM that provides the integration points, the flexibility, and the ultimate ease of use as LabTech.

As far as setup goes, once the system was setup and running, it took us a long time to really get our heads around the layout of the system. This was a bit of a frustration and why I dinged it a couple of points in setup. Sure the installation for the software itself was pretty painless, but group setup, best practices, and template inheritance was not without struggles to fully understand.

Once we understood how the product was designed and we became aware of the limitations of the software (sticky groups, limited groups, inheritance, etc.), we became much more productive with LT. I will also say we brought in an outside consultant to further assist us in maximizing our investment in LT. That was extremely beneficial, and I'd happily make that decision many times over. My understanding is that the consultant we used now works for LabTech in an effort to improve the "out of box" experience as well as provide continuous enhancements to the RMM toolset.

Over the last 18 months, we've submitted several support tickets. Some were basic functionality questions, others were more significant systemic issues we encountered. Based on the last 3 months, I'd actually rate the support very differently from my fellow users here. I can tell you that I get responses for non-critical issues within 24 hours in almost every case, and generally the responses include troubleshooting steps, code samples, or alternative solutions to accomplish what I'm trying to do. Sure, they close a ticket if you don't respond in 72 hours, but we've started doing that ourselves with our end clients. We just reply to the ticket once we have the answers they requested and the ticket re-opens.

I had one technician resolve an issue with a 3rd party product without my assistance. LT and I had a scheduled call setup with the 3rd party. When the 3rd party wasn't available at our scheduled time to discuss a resolution, the support tech worked the ticket on her end to resolution. She then provided me with an email and voicemail that contained the solution from the 3rd party. I can't say that I've received that level of care in the past, and I don't know that I'll receive that level of care in the future, but I do know that one call made a huge impact on me as a customer and as a service provider to my end user.

Of all the features, my favorite is the level of customization the product affords. The redirectors are incredibly powerfull in that nearly any 3rd party app that creates a sustained network connection can be integrated with LT. I've got 3 technicians who used dameware at a previous job - they raved about the stability, low cost, and ease of use. We've run into a couple of issues with VNC, in particular around multimonitors when the primary monitor is not the left-most monitor. For a minimal investment, we deployed dameware as a backup desktop connection tool to LabVNC for remote support. Very straight forward, and very cost effective.

From my interaction with the LT team and from watching their new hires, I know they are actively working with MSPs to determine what features and tools will be most beneficial to their users. They don't sell directly to end-clients, and they are working to streamline the product from a usability standpoint. Their support is on an upward trend in my book, and I don't know that I could ask too much more out of a service provider.
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Value for money with enormous potential
We have been using labtech for a couple of years now as a small MSP. We are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what it can do.

I had someone explain it that labtech was the framework you can build your system management around.

Now this causes some issues for some people because you need to do a lot of work to get everything up and running and working just like you would like. Even with Ignite there is still a reasonable amount of work that is required. I dont know how this compares to other RMM tools as I have only used Labtech (but looked at Kaseya and N-Able).

Instead of saying which areas labtech does well I just want to discuss the two areas which could be improved.

As can be seen there is sometimes issues with support. Probably like any company that has grown so rapidly. Generally they are pretty good and we have not had any major outages or issues. The online documentation/training/guides etc are okay but it can be difficult to find everything you want. They do have online forums etc but these do not seem to be as active as some others.

Labtech is very powerful. But just like driving an F1 car, you can not just jump in "know" the system. Its not particularly intuitive and the GUI is okay at best. But if you are a scripter, you like SQL, you like automation, then from what I have seen and talked to others, Labtech is the most powerful RMM tool by a long way.

You discuss with any MSP about the RMM tool they have/use and some will love whichever tool they have, others will hate it.

One thing you will not have much disagreement with is that Labtech has the most powerful scripting options available. There is almost nothing that it can not do from what I have seen.

It does take a lot of time and effort but for fully automated management of systems I would not look any further.

The main thing I would suggest to people is for them to look at scripting, what can be done etc, if they feel comfortable to learn how to script etc because I Think that is the biggest requirement for labtech to get the most out of it.
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Stick with Kaseya
It is slow, it crashes, the web interface is lack luster - i hope you have a USB key chain to run a full client installation. The amount that it freezes and crashes on me, I just switched back to using Kaseya ~ zero issues.

It does NOT offer RDP for clients to access their machines, only VNC
The remote connector works about 50% of the time
The initial setup was a disaster
We were promised it would be happy working along with our kaseya agents during our "trial" instead it uninstalled every single one of them.

Their support is awful

You get what you pay for
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Great asset
LabTech is a great tool. The primary limitation is on our end. It can do so much that it takes a while to build up the familiarity and expertise within your staff to make it as useful as it has the potential to be as an RMM tool.
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My 2012 Experience -
We have been with LabTech Software since 2008, and I must say the 2012 release and the offerings/services around it are the BEST offerings they've brought to the table thus far. The product upgrades itself is nothing short of amazing. UI changes, enhanced speed, tunneling stability, are just a few things that have really made a huge difference in our usage of the product, and overall perception of how great their product is, and not only how far they've already come - but where they are going - and in the right way…

Other vendors could take a lesson from this up and coming pioneer of the RMM space, because it's very evident they are listening to their Partner base, and making changes to their processes and products based on the needs of the Partner base. Their Support, Documentation, and Training resources are more fortified than I've ever seen in the past, and the few questions we've had have been dealt with swiftly, correctly, and with the professional courtesy one should expect from a software provider. Another lesson other vendors could learn from.

We are ecstatic about what they've brought to the table across the board, and can't wait for the next innovations that will directly make me more successful - and not just a competition to have newest technologies that you often see everywhere else.

Keep it up Matt and Greg - you've done some incredible things in a very short period of time.
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Labtech 2012 FTW - The H is O
Between the much needed interface tweaks, the single pane BDR management, MDM, the Ignite service for helping new MSPs get immediate value right out of the box, to the stuff that's coming down the pipeline (TBA) the guys at LabTech are killing it!

I've heard grumblings about poor support, but let's seriously put that into perspective - just what, 3 years ago, LabTech had I think 7 employees? Now they are over 130 and have the backing of Connectwise to not only propel them financially, but also with best practices in development, support, strategy - and none of the other RMM tools out there are owned and ran by people that truly understand what IT Service Providers need to address the ever changing and expanding needs of our SMB Customers. Rapid growth is definitely still a problem, but they are putting the resources behind support to help their clients - but they aren't mind readers and at the end of the day YOU will only get out what you put in. If you are a lazy MSP who expects to click a few buttons and watch the money roll in, well, you probably won't be in business very long, but you may get a RTFM type response.

The new onboarding is probably one of my favorite features. You turn it on, and it discovers what types of servers your client has and then applies the appropriate monitors and adds them to the appropriate groups. No more ugly template or manual onboarding.

There are still some rough edges in the interface, but its nice to be able to fall back to the old interface if you can't find something in the new streamlined interface.
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Company growth and Product improvements
We've been a Labtech client for over a year, and their software is the core of our MSP business. Their rate of growth is phenomenal. While we have had support issues in the past, they've taken steps to improve what was a well-known weakness, and are well on their way to making it a strength. The leadership and continued development of the product, their willingness to listen to their userbase, and their commitment to their product is second-to-none. I've used Kasaya, Zenith, Commitwise, Autotask, and about 100 other glued-together solutions, and find Labtech to be both comprehensive and customizable. With access to the underlying data, there's no barrier to integration, and their partnership with and suppoort of other products (Various ativirii products, Doyenz, Commitwise, etc.) demonstrate the integration potential perfectly. Combine this with one of the lower barriers to entry in this marketspace, and by my criteria you come out with a winner On the downside, the user interface needs some design love, and the upgrade process isn't all it could be. I have no doubt that both of these are being addressed as resources permit. All-in-all, I'd give labtech a solid 8 out of 10.
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Not worth the money - they don't fix major issues
Windows Search installed on all of our computers which completely slowed down all of our computers and everyone complained. Labtech fails to warn admins in this regard.

Also it runs the script everytime someone logs in, no option to silently check for previous install, every user see's the words when they log in everytime they log in. And because of this we have many PC's full of events were labtech crashes.

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We can now triple our size!
We started with Zenith as a small firm but after awhile we realized it was limited and gets expensive. We did trials on most of the stuff out there and settled on labtech. I am now sure we can grow, keep costs down and make happy clients.

The software is heavy duty and we took the implementation services to help. They asked about our systems and did a good job of giving us a running server. Darren I think was the tech, and he went out of his way to make sure we were on a good plane. There have been a few issues with configuring some scripts we want, but its a learning curve for sure. It's solid, runs flawlessly and we couldn't be more pleased.

I think if you want a RMM to have complete control over this is it. You can make it alert anything, at least what you can make money off of. Happy over price and install, now we gotta light fires under sales team (me).
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Labtech, Head and Shoulders Above All Others
(Updated: July 14, 2010)
I w ill try to give the good and the bad here. The good is that it is a Fat Client product that really w orks w ell out of the box and so far, has FAR more capabilities than any other RMM we have tried (N-Able, Kaseya, Hound Dog/GFI, LPI, Zenith). The web based products can't even compete in the performance
and functionality area. You are literally into an server, seeing logs, executing scripts, and running a rich report before you even get logged into a site or node on one of the Web based systems. This is the reason we like the Thick Client for MSP, WAAAY faster and more robust.

We have found Labtech to be very stable, but it does have some shortcomings in my book. We are a Autotask shop and have found the integration lacking a bit compared to the Connectw ise integration. If you use Connectwise, I cannot even understand why you would use any other system, period. For us our PSA is much more important to us from a business perspective, that Connectwise is not even an option. It seems Labtech has not done a single enhancement to the Autotask integration in almost a year and this troubles me.
With that said, the LT/AT integration is good enough for now . We were told that they will be enhancing it, so I am holding them to this (Matt if you are reading this, I know Connectwise invested in you guys, but there are alot of potential Autotask clients that you cannot turn your back on).

The bad is also for some, that Labtech's Web interface is a joke, w e never use it for anything other than deploying clients. This does not bother me, since I am fully sold on the Thick Client for reasons I stated above. The client works similar to Connectw ise's client does over HTTP/HTTPS, this is new to the 2010 release and it w orks flaw lessly.

Reporting in my opinion is hands down, second to none. The flexibility to customize your own reports layout and content is only limited to your wilingness to learn the industry standard Crystal reports. I love this about Labtech and I really hope they stick with Crystal. It is the most flexible robust reporting solution out there. And if you w ant custom reports, its the only way to go.

Scripting, without going into depth, you have to see it to beleive it. IMHO, blows Kaseya (The former scripting champ) out of the water. The only thing is that there is not the huge catalog of different (of ten useless) scripts that have been created by the user community like Kaseya has.

More bad, the system is not w ith its bugs. Currently there are a few big ones that are being addressed, and in my opinion, a little too slow . But in all fairness these are with functionality that does not even exist in most systems, and they do put out regular releases.

Finally, I w ill end w ith my wish list. I think the fact that Labtech is a relative new comer to the field, gives them a disadvantage in the Website/Support Forums. There are very of ten important issues or questions that go unanswered by their staff for weeks and even months at a time. The community and the website need a serious facelift and redesign. On the other hand, their Wiki is very informative and seems to be maintained fairly regularly when new functionality and releases are out there.

My final conscenus is that with the release of 2010 last week, Labtech technically is the most robust and feature rich RMM out there. It is by far the best most af fordable product on the market (No ridiculous pricing or overbuying tactics served up by N-ABLE, Kaseya, and LPI). In fact even if Kaseya were priced less than Labtech, I can honestly say that I w ould not budge. Kaseya and N-Able HAVE to be shaking in their boots. Labtech just needs more traction so things like a Community and Web Site get enhanced and monitored more. I also w ish they would work more w ith Autotask, but I understand with the Connectwise investment that may not ever happen and that is a damn shame.
I easily give Labtech 5 stars, and anyone who has not looked into it and done a trial at this point is really doing their company a major disservice, coming off of Kaseya or N-Able, it is instant ROI.

I created a video show ing Labtech and Autotask running great off my iPad, I have resorted to using my iPad almost exclusively when I am on the road, this has been totally liberating and I actually have saved alot in cost avoidance since I now arm my techs on call with iPads and we were able to get by without hiring an extra tech.

The Video topic.php?f=18&t=934
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Constantly improving product with top notch support
Labtech is a very powerful tool. I've been able to automate the majority of my tasks saving hours of manual work. It's been great to watch the Labtech team improve everyday and I'm glad to have them as a partner. Support has always been quick, responsive, and informative.
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Solid application. A tech's view
LabTech is solid. There is a bit of a learning curve, but honestly, that is to be expected by an application that allows you to get so incredibly granular in your customizations. The out-of-the-box setup allows you to use the default settings but expect to make changes if you want to maximize its capabilities to your environment. Setting up customers is fairly easy and the general mundane tasks are not an issue (RDP, VNC Eventlog views, etc.) once the agent is loaded on a station. The real power and learning curve comes in w/ monitoring, alerts, reports, Dataviews, scripts, scheduling, etc. This is the real value and separator of LabTech from my standpoint. It should be noted this RMM was written by techs for techs so if you are looking for a user-friendly environment you probably won't find it here. This is the Cisco of RMM (and who complains about how complicated Cisco can be. As a tech you just learn it, certify in it, and become an expert. It's just accepted that with complexity there's a learning curve.).

Tech support has been solid for me in the format I have used it. Most of my issues can be answered thru email and they get back to me within 24/48 hours. I have not had any problems that have needed any response quicker than that. Additionally, I have setup training time slots with my pre-determined questions and that has proven rather useful. Their techs have been thorough and well-informed.

Most of our clients (greater than 90%) have a Microsoft infrastructure. It is clear LabTech is catered to that environment. They do a solid job of BDR management and SNMP traps from printer manufacturers and Router/switch devices. All in all if you can accept that this is NOT the Microsoft of RMM but more like the Cisco of RMM then you will be on your way to mastering an extremely solid RMM tool. For your T&M clients you can show the value of your service and justify why it makes sense to move to a service agreement. For your clients already w/ a service agreement the reports allow you to justify your value month over month, and thanks to Microsoft always breaking things you will always have the work available to you.

My only request is that they make more of a commitment to properly accommodating the other platforms i.e. Macs and Linux. I'm still learning the application but am satisfied with where I am and its potential once I have it fully customized for our environment.
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So far the best RMM
We did about 3 months of research to choose the RMM tool and we used a meticulous process for the valuation.

First we started with n-able but cancelled after 3 month. I am not sure what to write about n-able cause we didn't get to play with it too much. Regardless, I found it very non-intuitive, dull and at time very complicated to configure. It lacked that luster that would pull you to work on it.
Another point about n-able is that they have good business development team but it's not that practical when you get to practice it. For example their stuff about marketing is so generic that you feel like they just have that in their website to attract new customers but no value in it.

We also experienced XP crashes after the n-able install. But support was good. Regardless, I started losing confidence.

Labtech was a fresh breeze of air. The interface is graphical, very intuitive and makes you wanna get up at 2 am and work on it. That intuitiveness matters to our team a great deal.

We haven't had even one crash after agent installation .
Labtech Ignite is pre loaded with monitors, best practices, analyzers, etc

The support has not been impressive with Labtech but they claim they are/already moving/move so I shall see about it.

Overall, highly recommended.

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Great product Bad support....
Great product when it works updates are a crapshoot to install properly.
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Best bang for your buck RMM tool
Exec Summary: If you are an MSP, and want to improve capabilities, support customers more invisibly, speed up new client implementations (I just implemented a 80 seat client w/ the labtech agent doing most of the client side work), and reduce costs (toolset and labor), choose LabTech.

We've been on 3 prior RMM vendor platforms before switching to labtech. We don't tool hop too much, but we've been and MSP for 12 years now. The 1st tool was new, I mean Indian New in 2002 when we hopped on as the 1st MSP they had as a client. It was growing pains x 10 to say the least. We integrated another product that was later bought out by Dell that could never live up to the promise or price tag (amazingly they still sell this dog, at a very high price tag). After 3 years, there were finally some real alternatives out there and we selected a expensive, but capable product that served us well for about 5 years. We noted LabTech at a trade show in 2010 and followed up on the product, test drove it, and pulled the trigger early last year. After having used 3 other RMM tools (actually 5, but 2 predated the rmm term) in production, and test driving at least 5 other major vendors I think I probably know more about RMM tools than most anyone, if for no other reason than most MSP's haven't been around long enough to suffer through 3 major RMM tool migrations. I mean, it is painful to change, so most avoid doing so. Onto the review:
If i had to do it over again, we'd still go w/ LabTech, but I'd pay for their implementation team to do the install and deployment. I would also have gotten training earlier in the game than we did. LabTech does so much that it is hard to know where to start sometimes. The reason we changed was because of the vast capabilities. You don't really know how powerful it is w/ just a test drive in a test environment, you have to get it and use it supporting clients day in, day out. One of my employees is a Microsoft Scripting MVP, he can make this thing sing. If I had one gripe, it would be reporting. Now, the canned reports are fine, but the scoring methodology, depending on the report you use is, well, dopey. I'm actually on a support case now trying to figure out how to adjust things and get a more accurate summary of client statuses. That leads to discussing support. I've probably opened a dozen or so cases. Response is as expected, usually same day if I open a call soon enough. I have noted that support has improved over the 10 months we've been using labtech in production. So, kudos to their support team. There are growing pains to be sure, and LabTech is probably more bleeding edge that we'd like sometimes, but on the flip side, we see all sorts of capabilities that are just coming online w/ other rmm tools. It's worth the tradeoff. Other reviews talk about all sorts of errors, bugs, etc... Sure, we've even uncovered a few ourselves, but that is just RMM tools in general. None are perfect. My advice: Focus on what you need, then what you want. Oh, pricing: Very competitive. There are cheaper options, but so far, all the cheaper options are less capable. If you price shop the major rmm vendors, LabTech is actually towards the lower end of the scale. We have over 1000 machines managed by LabTech currently and will be buying more agents in the next month or two to handle additional customers.
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Excellent tool
There is so much you can do with Labtech. We are using just the basics and have over 1000+ agents for a similar price than what we were paying with a previous RMM. Lots of ability to customize if you have the time to learn it.
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Very powerful product, if you know SQL
The product itself is very powerful. You can customize the monitor system as much as your SQL knowledge allow. Support team are very helpful and knowledgeable most of the time. I have had my share on the best support case and not so good case. Given the amount of ticket I have with Labtech, the good definitely offset the not so good.
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Labtech Customer support
We have been using Labtech for near 6 month
The product is great for bring the tech skills to one interface.
The automation maintenance is also a brilliant feature.
There Base install comes with MYSQL configured for 512 Mb Ram (although they recommend more)
Make sure you Tweek this heavily)

On the down side we have found the support from Labtech technical the second worst to deal with.
If your not in there time zone forget the support. and never expect a phone call as they will "reach out to you" with an email only

If I was buying again I'd take Kaseya of Labtech
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Labtech integration
My review is based on our experience with installing and using LabTech as software developers not MSP.
Installing LabTech, understanding the way it operates, deploying agents, creating tickets and time slips is well documented on LabTech website and TV / Videos. Installing, deployment and implementation was simple and easy.
As programmers that sync between LabTech and Microsoft CRM 2011 (& CRM for Outlook), LabTech provides easy access to its database based on LT_API / MySql and retrieve almost every single field in the Labtech User Interface and update these records and fields in CRM 2011 & CRM for Outlook. It includes the creation of accounts, sites, cases, devices and activities in CRM 2011 from Labtech’s clients, locations, tickets, devices and time slips. As long as the LabTech agent provides reliable information from the device, the rest can be managed, monitored, reported or workflow from your Outlook or CRM web interface. If you customise LabTech and you wish to use CRM 2011 workflows based on dates or SLA type, select the fields that syncs with CRM
Note: this review is based on LabTech on Premise. Our understanding is that the feature of API integration with LT online is currently not available.
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LabTech Software
LabTech RMM software is a great find, and we are very happy with the feature rich tool set, and limitless monitoring capabilities. We look forward to growing with LabTech. Their implementation team and tech support have been outstanding with the migration process assistance, and while change does take time and patience, they have worked through the majority of the kinks to completion, without any hesitancy. Thanks to LabTech, we expect to be back in growth mode, now that we have great RMM tools. Thanks LabTech Team!
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I have to say that I have been surprised by some of the previous comments.
I looked at the functionality of Labtech and the pricing structure and have found it very good on both.
I would prefer the reporting to be editable without the need to purchase/install yet another software, and would also like to have seen a network mapping tool included, but on the whole this is an excellent product for the price.

With regards to support...everytime I have had an issue, I have recieved support very quickly and the level of support has been excellent.
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Haven't looked back
We were a Kaseya partner for many years and moved a few years ago due to limited product development at the time. From then we certainly have never looked back. Whilst a transition of RMM tools wasn't something we looked forward to, the process was actually very smooth and tech support is brilliant. To be able to speak with lead developers at Automation Nation and help shape the direction of the product is very pleasing. Flexibility, customisation, stability and price are all ticks for the product that integrates perfectly with Connectwise. Well done guys.
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