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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 2520
Amazingly Powerful Product with hit or miss support
I came from the GFI Hound Dog world and I can honestly say that LabTech has way more to offer. Extremely flexible and customizable. With all of the flexibility can come some complexity and LabTech definitely has some complexity to it. For the most part, the documentation is helpful, but needs to have more content for those that have the hosted server. For issues I cannot figure out on my own through their Forum and Documentation I call support. Support is hit or miss. Sometimes they call right away sometimes I have to call them to get a response. Their support always sends you links to their documentation before offering any assistance which I find frustrating because I usually start there and I am calling them because I couldn't figure it out with the documentation. Eventually, though the issue does get resolved. I noticed some people have issues go unresolved, but so far they have resolved every issue I have thrown their way. Overall, LabTech is a great product...they are constantly innovating and have amazing tools integrated into the product. You get total control over what you want monitored and the response to events. Their support is good with professional engineers and my account manager is always great and easy to work with. You cannot go wrong with LabTech.
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