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Nice features but has bugs
Unfortunately there isn't a "quality control" rating. If Labtech has a weak point it is in testing and quality control, IMHO. Support is responsive, but we have been told on numerous occasions that a particular issue is fixed in a maintenance release beta, but after installing it, we have to reopen those tickets because it's not fixed. In version 2.5 several scripts didn't work out of the box, and as I recall ones for things like Java (v6 update 8? was included) didn't work with the current Java 6 updates 15 and above.

We upgraded several 2.5 releases without issue, but after upgrading to version 2010 we discovered that several of the built in scripts don't work, since they reference groups that don't exist in non-clean installations of 2010. There was a logic error in the "automatically restart a stopped service" script that opened a ticket saying the service had not started if the service HAD in fact started (and it couldn't be corrected/saved because a group name it referenced didn't exist). For the 2010 installer there is a checkbox on the installer to reset the "theme" for the web site to the default. It does that even if the checkbox is unchecked. The Blacklisted Application alert will flag an application and immediately send another alert that the app was removed. Monitoring for the LTBackup program (ShadowProtect) regularly sends false "backup failed" alerts and Labtech shows incorrect schedule information in the computer's view. If anyone is intending to allow a client's IT staff to log in to use VNC, say, note that the Messages and Monitors windows allow all users to view a list of all client names, and the PC names at those clients. The Exchange Server and Exchange Server 2007 searches use the same test so show the same results (instead of differentiating versions).

You get the idea...there seem like a lot of little issues that would have been easily found and resolved with a basic level of testing.
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August 16, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to write this up. Many of the items you mentioned evolve around the update process and which components, scripts, groups and etc receive the update. The upgrade allows you to choose which ones to update, but because there is no "prerequisite" check when scripts are updated, you will absolutely have issues with it. Support is aware of this and assisting with repairs as rerunning an upgrade does not fix the issues caused.

Long term, to resolve this issue, we are integrating a community synchronization process that will be much more powerful to keep your LabTech system up to date with searches, monitors, and etc. All settings like these will be managed through there.

In the meantime if you or others are upgrading your LabTech, be careful with what you chose to upgrade on the various tabs in the upgrade screen. Here is a link to help with it:

Feel free to contact support for assistance before you perform upgrade or if your upgrade has any issues.

You are correct that our QA process for previous releases is not as strong as it could have been. All of the core functionality and performance was maintained and I believe it to be a fairly solid release, but there have been lots of little issues. The last three months we have been investing heavily and building a formal QA process at LabTech. It takes time for new departments and processes to really gain momentum and impact the development process. In short, I hear what you are saying and we are acting to improve the QA process.

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming.

Matt Nachtrab

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