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Don’t let the flair fool you
I work for a smaller IT company that manages roughly 800 computers. I use the agent every day to connect into client workstations and computers. The connectivity is spotty at best.
We have put in numerous tickets with labtech addressing the speed of connection as well as the inability to connect to client’s computers half of the time. Luckily we have adapted by having a readily available gotoassist account. We had always had this as a backup solution but never had to use it that much until now.
When addressing the issues with the support team at labtech we were told that the agent “doesn’t play well with sonicwall” and that it was “normal for the redirector to take up to 5 minutes to connect to a client’s computer”. My clients don’t have that amount of time.
Some of our clients host websites off of our servers and have been contacting us regularly since the installation of labtech because their site will be down and their server inaccessible. We have logged in and found that the labtech agent was using either all of the ram or all of the cpu in many cases. Restarting the labtech agent would only fix the issue for about 30 minutes and restarting the server would fix it for about a week. We have had to uninstall the agent from hosting environments in order to keep our customers from moving elsewhere.
We had put an emergency ticket in to try to get this issue resolved. Labtech support tried to contact us once during non-business hours the next day and closed the ticket. Apparently they don’t care that their remote management software performs more like malware than a remote management solution.
I miss using Kaseya. It worked every time and didn’t cause any headaches. All of the techs that I work with now spend more time troubleshooting the remote management software than they do managing clients computers.
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June 13, 2013
Bill, Thank you for taking the time to review LabTech. I am Matt Nachtrab, the CEO of LabTech Software. The issues you are experiecing sound like problems we used to have, but not on the latest versions or with our current support team. Our support team has vastly improved and the statements you voiced of "5 minutes is normal" and "doesn't play well with sonicwall" sound like issues we had with the support team in the past. We have some amazing subject matter experts around the connectivity issues you are experiencing. I suggest that you try out our support again on these issues. If you do not have an excellent experience feel free to reach directly out to me. Again, thanks for your time and for being a LabTech Partner.
August 24, 2013
In reply to an earlier comment

I agree with Matt here. I switched from Kaseya to Labtech and BOTH platforms take a good few months to get exactly how you want them but Kaseya required a full time management person to update, make changes and customize. The newest versions of Labtech are so much more user friendly that management of the product is a breeze. I would never recommend anyone go to Kaseya unless they have someone else that can administer it other than themselves.

Of course, there are things that Kaseya does better. Patching thorough Kaseya is a breeze and though I am not on the new 2013 Labtech build yet (which is supposed to have a lot of patching improvements) I must admit that I do miss patching through Kaseya. However, I have NEVER had issues remoting into end user machines using Labtech and I started using Labtech around December 2012.
2 results - showing 1 - 2