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Training Leaves Something to Be Desired
We have been using LabTech for a few months now. So far, we have been very impressed with the increased functionality of this product compared to our last RMM. It has allowed us to manage many facets of our clients' systems that we were previously unable to. However, our experience with training and support has been severely underpar.

We spent the first hours in our training block walking through very scripted sessions. Anything that one would learn in these sessions could be self-taught or viewed in the online videos and documentation. Anytime we tried to drill down to specific configurations we would like to implement for a client, the training representative engaged in dodgy conversation until they could return to their script. Most of the time the sessions ended in several questions that the representative would "get back to us" on. This promise was rarely fulfilled.

We quickly realized we were wasting our training block on these sessions and switched to consultation. We were promised that these sessions would tailor to our specific needs and our list of questions would be answered. However, the consultation sessions were handled in the exact same way as the general training sessions. Our specific questions were answered vaguely or with a "I'll have to check on that for you."

Seeking support has also proved a futile endeavor. On several occasions we had already figured out the solution before we had any response that was moving us in the right direction. It is unfortunate that contacting support is viewed as a last resort in our organization.

As a small managed service provider we rely on our RMM to help us configure our monitors and support us with haste whenever we have issues. We simply do not have the time to run our business and essentially invent our own RMM tool.

That being said, the more we learn about the product the more we are satisfied with its capabilities. We just wish LabTech had been more helpful with configuration, support, and maintaining the SLAs we promised to our clients while using our previous RMM tool.
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