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LabTech - 2012 = Windows Me of the RMM world!
We have used LabTech since late 2010 in various states. Before ConnectWise got involved they were okay, with a decent little product that could have been a good fate sealer for Kaseya.

However.... Sales figures meant the world, well above and beyond the support infrastructure and rather than managing by capacity, management simply opened the flood gates and swamped their support teams. Panic set in around late 2011 and the management team filled the holes with poorly skilled support staff who can just about string together a subject for a ticket (expect no more than this when you call in, no matter how urgent the problem is).

The 2012 product itself must be providing the debuggers a time of their life. The code is shoddy, framework design terrible and UML must be a new name for a burger and CMMI a side dish in Tampa because these guys seem to have followed absolutely no standard at all. If you find a bug, be ready for an onslaught of design feature, you need to get training, hey have a consulting day and a million other excuses before you either become totally ignored, or the problem disappears into QA for six months (your ticket goes with the problem too, so do not expect to be able to retrieve or comment on it).

This brings me on to the ticketing, which is where ConnectWise should be utterly ashamed of themselves! It seems as though somebody walked into the LabTech offices, turned a server on, installed ConnectWise out of the box and walked back out again. Workflow setup is diabolical and the connectors still to this day have not been setup correctly. Staff have not been trained how to use ConnectWise and the support staff seem to be in a complete spin on how to work with the ticketing. Prey that LabTech do not contact you on a Friday (okay prey that they actually contact you in the first place), or your ticket will auto close over the weekend and…. firstly somebody forgot to click the checkbox to reopen a ticket, and now workflow is missing again as you will never hear from them. Portal based tickets are limited as they hide most departments, thus the QA disappearing ticket black hole etc.

If you scream and shout enough, you may get to speak with management too! These guys sound like they are holding onto the stern of a sinking ship and morale certainly does sound low. They all seem to have been programmed with a standard set of excuses, but in some way they all admit to having grown too fast and lacking infrastructure to support their product. They even try to bring together a team to resolve the problem, but this soon fades away unless you chase like a Doberman, and eventually the management begin the usual process of ignoring with their heads buried firmly in the sand.

Moving on from there, ignite is fantastic, no really it is! It is fantastic because in the utter panic to release it, they forgot a few things.

1) Debugging code is rather important.
2) Documenting the application is quite a good idea if you want a client base to understand and use your product to its full potential.
3) Teach your support and customer services teams the product before you release it.

So, if you are one of the unlucky ones who took on 2012, I feel for you. If you are one of those who then took on Ignite, you have my deepest sympathy!

I could go on about this for weeks to be honest, but I can provide you with one comment to make you think before you commit. On speaking to a very high end consultant @ LabTech, he not only was unsure of many of the features of 2012, but also made a comment stating "2012 was released way too soon".

Personally, I believe that LabTech will be a good product by 2015, but I also have the feeling that 2012 will be a product they will not admit to.
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February 01, 2013
Objective review. Which solution would you go with, now?

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