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Great RMM Tool, especially if you use ConnectWise
We have been following LabTech for several years, since I first met Matt and his team at SMB Nation.
I have been very impressed with their product and leadership team, and when my contract with my previous RMM tool expired, we jumped into LabTech and have been using it for going on 3 years.

Sure, there were some growing pains; but I would say very worth the effort. With the implementation of any platform there will be start-up issues. I remember the term "drinking from a firehose" when we first installed our previous tool. The beauty with LT in this regard was that during on-boarding LT will identify the Server Roles and install only the proper monitors, thus reducing "noise."

Like Chess or Backgammon, mastering the basics is pretty straight-forward; but you will continue to learn better ways of doing things, scripting, searching, etc. The depth and breadth of this product is what encouraged us to migrate. If you are simply looking for a monitoring tool that will allow for remote access, LabTech can deliver that; but in my mind it is the BEST RMM for managing my clients. We have developed many scripts and with the integration with ConnectWise, we are able to automatically remediate many issues and still create time entries to show our clients the value that we deliver to them. In fact, my automated NOC user generates 600+ hours per week of value to our clients - that is the equivalent of 15 FTE.

During the days of rapid growth, from 7 to 150 employees, we did experience some delays in getting response from support. Today their response times have been reduced dramatically. With the introduction of the Chat feature, many times I can get my questions answered real-time.

If you are looking for an RMM tool that is tightly integrated with ConnectWise, that allows you to work on a client computer "behind-the-scenes" without having to interrupt the user, that allows you to script common tasks and even some that are very complex, that provides quality reports and is cost-effective, then LabTech should get your thoughtful consideration.
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