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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 6198
Good product - Horrendous customer support - STAY AWAY
I very strongly recommend staying away from LabTech primarily due to poor management and customer service.

We switched from Kasaya about two years ago. It is a powerful tool, but it takes quite a bit of time to make it do what you want. As long as you are willing and able to spend some time with configuration, customization, and scripting- the product is quite good. They also seem to be doing good things on the development side. New features, scripts, and plugins are useful. The one caveat is there 'Marketplace', the system used for deploying scripts, reports, and plugins. The Marketplace has virtually no information about the update other than it's title and publish date. It seems to be a work in progress that hasn't really progressed.

As good as I think the program is, I am looking to move to another system. We had an issue with the ShadowProtect licenses that we purchased with LT that required resetting the license key. I admit that we caused the initial issue by not properly deactivating the SP license before removing/replacing several servers. But the response has been completely unacceptable. On June 6th I emailed LT asking to have the license key reset. It is now October and it is a continuing nightmare. My account rep has stopped returning my emails and the support staff takes over a week to respond. When they do they either ask for something I have already given them, point the finger at someone else, say it is being escalated, or act as if no ticket ever existed. There is no way to contact anyone in upper management. I even got a business card from a couple of their management staff at a conference, but when I tried contacting them I got a bounceback that one of their email address was invalid and the other guy just ignored me.

I finally got to the point where I revoked my authorization for auto-pay and said I was withholding payment until my issue was resolved. That got the attention of someone in billing, but that was also a dead end. I tried contacting StorageCraft, but they said that I could only deal with Labtech.

I guess LabTech feels that once you are integrated with them and ConnectWise it would be such as huge mess to migrate away that they can treat their clients like crap and they will just roll over and take it. It will be a huge expense and hassle to move away and I will probably end up paying more for another RM tool, but I can't continue on like this. I have not had much of an issue with ConnectWise that would require dealing with customer service. However, now that they are basically run together, I worry that I would have a similar experience with CW. Now I face the nightmare of replacing both.

Stay Away!
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October 11, 2012
Hi John, Have you taken a look at - i have found them to be very good!

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