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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 2816
So far the best RMM
We did about 3 months of research to choose the RMM tool and we used a meticulous process for the valuation.

First we started with n-able but cancelled after 3 month. I am not sure what to write about n-able cause we didn't get to play with it too much. Regardless, I found it very non-intuitive, dull and at time very complicated to configure. It lacked that luster that would pull you to work on it.
Another point about n-able is that they have good business development team but it's not that practical when you get to practice it. For example their stuff about marketing is so generic that you feel like they just have that in their website to attract new customers but no value in it.

We also experienced XP crashes after the n-able install. But support was good. Regardless, I started losing confidence.

Labtech was a fresh breeze of air. The interface is graphical, very intuitive and makes you wanna get up at 2 am and work on it. That intuitiveness matters to our team a great deal.

We haven't had even one crash after agent installation .
Labtech Ignite is pre loaded with monitors, best practices, analyzers, etc

The support has not been impressive with Labtech but they claim they are/already moving/move so I shall see about it.

Overall, highly recommended.

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