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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 6235
Labtech integration
My review is based on our experience with installing and using LabTech as software developers not MSP.
Installing LabTech, understanding the way it operates, deploying agents, creating tickets and time slips is well documented on LabTech website and TV / Videos. Installing, deployment and implementation was simple and easy.
As programmers that sync between LabTech and Microsoft CRM 2011 (& CRM for Outlook), LabTech provides easy access to its database based on LT_API / MySql and retrieve almost every single field in the Labtech User Interface and update these records and fields in CRM 2011 & CRM for Outlook. It includes the creation of accounts, sites, cases, devices and activities in CRM 2011 from Labtech’s clients, locations, tickets, devices and time slips. As long as the LabTech agent provides reliable information from the device, the rest can be managed, monitored, reported or workflow from your Outlook or CRM web interface. If you customise LabTech and you wish to use CRM 2011 workflows based on dates or SLA type, select the fields that syncs with CRM
Note: this review is based on LabTech on Premise. Our understanding is that the feature of API integration with LT online is currently not available.
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