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Labtech 2012 FTW - The H is O
Between the much needed interface tweaks, the single pane BDR management, MDM, the Ignite service for helping new MSPs get immediate value right out of the box, to the stuff that's coming down the pipeline (TBA) the guys at LabTech are killing it!

I've heard grumblings about poor support, but let's seriously put that into perspective - just what, 3 years ago, LabTech had I think 7 employees? Now they are over 130 and have the backing of Connectwise to not only propel them financially, but also with best practices in development, support, strategy - and none of the other RMM tools out there are owned and ran by people that truly understand what IT Service Providers need to address the ever changing and expanding needs of our SMB Customers. Rapid growth is definitely still a problem, but they are putting the resources behind support to help their clients - but they aren't mind readers and at the end of the day YOU will only get out what you put in. If you are a lazy MSP who expects to click a few buttons and watch the money roll in, well, you probably won't be in business very long, but you may get a RTFM type response.

The new onboarding is probably one of my favorite features. You turn it on, and it discovers what types of servers your client has and then applies the appropriate monitors and adds them to the appropriate groups. No more ugly template or manual onboarding.

There are still some rough edges in the interface, but its nice to be able to fall back to the old interface if you can't find something in the new streamlined interface.
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