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Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) C claimme 3333
My 2012 Experience –
We have been with LabTech Software since 2008, and I must say the 2012 release and the offerings/services around it, are the BEST offerings they’ve brought to the table thus far. The product upgrades itself is nothing short of amazing. UI changes, enhanced speed, tunneling stability, are just a few things that have really made a huge difference in our usage of the product, and overall perception of how great their product is, and not only how far they’ve already come – but where they are going – and in the right way…

Other vendors could take a lesson from this up and coming pioneer of the RMM space, because it’s very evident they are listening to their Partner base, and making changes to their processes and products based on the needs of the Partner base. Their Support, Documentation, and Training resources are more fortified than I’ve ever seen in the past, and the few questions we’ve had have been dealt with swiftly, correctly, and with the professional courtesy one should expect from a software provider. Another lesson other vendors could learn from.

We are ecstatic about what they’ve brought to the table across the board, and can’t wait for the next innovations that will directly make me more successful – and not just a competition to have newest technologies that you often see everywhere else.

Keep it up Matt and Greg – you’ve done some incredible things in a very short period of time.
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